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charge credit card processing fees

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  • Online for more than 20 years
  • They provide free, high quality equipment
  • Good customer support
  • Flexible in terms of payment possibilities


  • Messy website
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SUMMARY: has been on the internet longer than most of the websites you’re currently visiting. This fact is encouraging considering how far the internet has come since 1996. During that time, has evolved their product to the point where they remain on of the industry leaders. Due to the generic nature of their name, odds are they’re not one of the most remarkable companies out there. This doesn’t matter because they have a product that stands up to any level of scrutiny. You will find that there’s a reason they have been around for so long. They know what they’re doing.


COMPLETE REVIEW touts itself as being “the easiest, most affordable way to accept credit cards for your business.” The language they use on their website is reminiscent of what you find with Flagship Merchant Services. They say that their service is rated the #1 merchant account provider for six years in a row. Flagship Merchant Services says something similar; however, they have a legitimate review website backing them up. The same can’t be said with The notation at the bottom says “Rated by 100 Best Merchant Accounts,” which is all well and good if anyone knew what they actually meant by that.

Sifting Through the Mess

Out of all the credit card processing services, the website for was by far the messiest. The information on this website in plentiful if you have the ability to find it. You will notice that they would rather display the text than to come up with an effective way to organize the message they’re trying to get across. You have to piece together what they give you in the hopes that you will understand what they have to offer. You need to reach out to them and ask questions if there’s anything in their presentation that seems unclear.

Working out the Claims

As with every credit card processing service, makes a number of claims on their website. The second claim reads “Low Cost Guarantee with Rates as Low as 0.25%.” Next to it is a notation that leads to a lengthy description of the restrictions associated with this claim. This list is so lengthy that it makes it seem like it’s not worth it to even display it on their website. The final claim says “No Setup Fees, Free Software & Equipment.” Luckily, there’s no restriction at the bottom of their website besides the usual vagueness associated with these things.

Trusting Experience

The final claim listed on the website for is “ has been online more than 20 years.” This claim can easily be fact checked with the Internet Wayback Machine from The Internet Wayback Machines archives copies of websites on a regular basis. Upon inspecting the address, we found this claim to be 100% honest. There’s an archived version of their website from December 1996. They were offering the same service all the way back then, which is remarkable considering the primitive nature of the internet back then.

Reading Strange Reviews

In the middle of their website, has a series of reviews. These reviews seem suspicious because of the language that’s used. If the entities in question did refer to this way, they must not have said anything else remarkable. Plus, usually when websites feature these reviews, they have links to the actual reviews. Without these links, it’s impossible to verify the authenticity of the quotes in question. Including promotional material on your website without proof is no different than having zero promotional material at all. You should be willing to tout whatever someone has said about your business, whether it’s positive or negative.

Embracing Flexibility

Working in a mobile world requires a high level of flexibility at all times. If this flexibility is compromised, opportunities are squandered. wants to increase the amount of possibilities business owners have in the marketplace. They make it possible for every business owner to accept every kind of payment possible. The best part about this feature is that you can do all of this work within a single account. You have no reason to avoid certain types of customers anymore when you use the features available through this service.

Free Software and Equipment

When you are attempting to enter into the world where you are accepting payments, the last thing you will want is for additional charges to get in the way. provides equipment and software to each of its customers to alleviate any concerns associated with becoming involved with credit card processing. This equipment is high quality and capable of interacting with computers, smartphones, or tablets. If any problem arises, they will stand behind these implements to ensure that they’re always in working order.

All Merchants are Welcome makes it a point to let any merchant become involved with their service. It doesn't matter if they have bad credit or are hard risk merchants. They are given the opportunity to use the tools necessary to accept payments online or offline and move their business forward. The business world is not rosy all the time. There are times where business is not as good as it used to be. During these times, merchants still have to be able to accept payments from everyone who’s willing to give them. Knowing that will stick with them through thick and thin is something that should provide considerable peace of mind.

Industry Leading Customer Support

Whether we want to admit or not, there will come a time when something goes wrong with your chosen credit card processing service. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about or any of their competitors. There has to be a staff of trained professionals at the ready who have the knowledge necessary to field any and every concern that comes their way. Without this staff in place, the customer is left to their own devices to find the answers to their questions. This is not a good situation because when customers are put in these positions, they're liable to go elsewhere.


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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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