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Why should I use a VPN?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated September 7, 2020

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Nowadays, people basically live on the internet. We socialize with our friends on it, we share pictures of everyday events on it, and we share our thoughts on it. It’s basically a part of our identity, and even our workplaces. It is our defining point as a generation.

Because of this, not only are we downloading information, we are also uploading it. Unconsciously, we share fragments of ourselves to be permanently imprinted on the internet. We upload names, our ages, our contact numbers, and even our addresses. Now this may be a simple sign-up information box for you to fill out, but for hackers and data-retrievers, this may just be the gold mine they were waiting for.

The list for what we upload is not only limited to basic information. Our most fragile information we upload for simple tasks such as buying online such as credit card and bank account numbers are the icing on the top for hackers who specialize in phishing scams and hacking. Without our knowledge our data may already be leaked online and some wrong clicks that may appear harmless to the unprepared ones.

Because of this, the creation of VPNs or Virtual Private Networks came.  Basically, it makes our internet go through a private series of tunnels first before being connected to the internet. In between this exchange, the VPNs act as our online masks. Our security is granted and complete online anonymity, too.

Thinking about getting one? You should first be aware of its benefits. Virtual Private Networks pride themselves with these:

  1. Complete internet anonymity

Does the thought of your internet actions being traced make you uncomfortable? Definitely take this software to ease your worries. The creation of this software was done with this aim. Internet users are tracked by many online entities including your own internet service provider, advertisement agencies, and worst of all, information hackers.

If you happen to have a good VPN, you are also granted a no-logging policy. This means that your own VPN will not be the one to read your information themselves, which may betray the cause of getting it in the first place.

  1. Access to region-blocked content

Most streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have region blocks that makes it unavailable for those living in different parts of the world aside from America to have access to television shows and movies. This can be for a variety of reasons like copyright issues, expensive rights licenses, and the lack of audiences for a certain region.

By using VPNs, users can choose a certain country to pick. Your internet will then be displayed as one that is coming from your selection. For example, a user from Cape Town can display their origin as United States of America. This will make them able to access region-locked content that is not allowed in their country. This is available for every part of the world, and the selection of the countries is only limited by the quality of your VPN.

  1. Security when using public Wi-Fi

Not everyone can use their gadgets and devices from home exclusively. In such cases, we may be forced sometimes to connect to public Wi-Fi such as those in restaurants, hotels, and malls. This can be convenient and accessible, but this can also be a danger for those unprepared. Since the connection is public, your internet actions and visits can also be public for hackers. Without your knowledge, your information can already be leaked for everyone to see.

With the use of VPNs however, you can relax as you are secure from such a threat.

  1. Bypass country-limited censorships and surveillance

Countries like China, Egypt, and Afghanistan have bans to certain websites for various reasons. China even has a ban for popular websites like Twitter and Facebook, with their replacement being Weibo.

This may leave users feeling separated from the rest of the world. This can also be a huge restriction for those that only recently moved to that country when their social lives have already been made outside it.

By using Virtual Private Networks, users can browse freely and without the restriction of censorships. Good VPNs can even bypass the Great Firewall of China, making them able to access through these bans and censorships.

Aside from security and anonymity, Virtual Private Networks also allow us to have access to more content. It definitely is a must for everyone to have nowadays.