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Is Zero VPN good?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated February 29, 2020

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Zero VPN is a free app available for Android devices. It is aptly named after its promise to provide a VPN service at “zero cost,” as well as “zero difficulty” for any type of user. It is developed by TNTAPP, developers based in Hong Kong, and the app has been around since 2017. It is available for download on the Play Store, and also on its developer's website.

In keeping with its “zero” theme, the app promises “zero” hassle with its easy-to-use and little-to-no set-up interface. It requires no registration to operate and with just a few clicks would grant you a private network that allows you a secured connection on the fly.

Zero VPN ensures you anonymity by masking your device's IP address with an address from one of its servers. This is extremely helpful in keeping net-neutrality, as well as unblocking location-restricted content. Perhaps you are currently outside of the UK and wish to access sports highlights from your favorite source. You can do so by setting your private network to use Zero VPN's UK servers to be used as your IP address and access point. Maybe you're in India and would love to jam to your favored tracks from Spotify; this tool would help you bypass your current location's geo-restriction by masking your true IP address with one of Zero VPN's servers' IP addresses.

Although being a free app, Zero VPN offers a reasonable number of servers across the globe. They have set up servers in Northern America, namely the United States, and Canada, servers in Europe as well, with established access points in the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Germany; and also in Asia with Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, with plans to establish more servers in more countries in the near future.

As stated above, Zero VPN doesn't require users to register to use its services. Once downloaded onto your Android device, you can connect to one of Zero VPN's 9 server regions' locations and start experiencing a safe and secure connection while your real IP address remains hidden. It only requires a few simple taps and you are good to go. You simply have to launch the apps through Zero VPN itself, then select the server you wish to appear where you are connecting from, then select a VPN port, and finally tap the “connect” button.

In addition to being a free app with a user-friendly interface, it also has zero bandwidth restrictions, as well as no traffic limits. So this doesn't just open up browsing capabilities of location-restricted webpages, such as news sources, but you will also be able to bypass country-restricted services such as streaming. May it be YouTube, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, or Spotify, you would be able to enjoy these services without being throttled, or blocked altogether. Your ISP would still be able to detect network traffic being used by your device, however it wouldn't see what exactly what you are doing with that network traffic.

However, as this app is totally free and its developers are based in Hong Kong, there is no way of telling how it manages its users' data, whether it is being collected, logged, stored, monitored, or being sold to marketing companies for a profit. But alas, it may be the price to pay for a free VPN service without any registration required. In addition, VPNs operating under the Chinese rule are required to share information with the government. However, it isn't clear which stance Zero VPN places itself in relation to data retention of its users. That being said, this app may be more inclined to the average internet user, rather than an avid privacy advocate.

If you are wary of the possibility that ZeroVPN might not be as clear and explicit with who they are and what they might be keeping with your data transfer you can take a look at our top paid product reviews for the VPN niche. We did all the work to tell you who is the best VPN provider right now.