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What is CyberGhost and how good is it?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated August 15, 2020

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With the rapid advancements in technology, the process of more of our lives becoming integrated with the use of Internet is also fast approaching. Gone are the days when sending messages to other people requires waiting for days and walking or driving to the local shop to get what we need as the only ways to interact with others and buy the things we need or want. The achievements we’ve done in the last few years immediately changed the way we live our lives thanks to the Internet.

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

However, as with scammers going door-to-door and thieves waiting for us after we’ve gone to the local store in the past; virtual scammers, hackers, and shady organizations are capable of using the Internet to commit crimes and evil acts against us, often without us knowing it. Thus, in an age of the Internet, security is essential to secure our privacy and information when we surf the Internet. Fortunately, new technologies were developed to counter this threat. Virtual Private Networks, or VPN, are services that can act as a tunnel between you and the website you visit which will keep you safe from prying eyes and hacking.

What is CyberGhost?

CyberGhost VPN is a German and Romanian-based VPN service which serves more than 10 million users across the globe.

CyberGhost VPN is an established VPN service with 3,800 servers located within more than 50 countries. This high number of servers available gives their users a lot of flexibility and options to select the most useful or convenient server for them. In terms of availability on multiple devices, CyberGhost also made sure that they can support many from desktops, smartphones, and even into gaming consoles or smart TVs. While functionality and features available may vary according to the device connected, its basic function of providing privacy and security to the device connected is still performed well without any problems.

Features of CyberGhost

The Windows client of CyberGhost features a lot of customization and features available not limited to its original function such as a favorites section to save the best servers that work with you and recommended servers best for bypassing geo-content locking and peer-to-peer networks. The client also features automatic redirecting of http connections to the more secure https as well as compression of data which can save a lot of loading times and data usage. CyberGhost is also quick to act whenever a new connection is detected especially over public WiFi networks which will then automatically connect you to a VPN server if allowed to ensure your browsing is protected.

CyberGhost allows flexibility in its use by having an exceptions tab where you can exempt certain websites from being placed in the VPN tunnel such as websites that only work or accessible in your own country. When it comes to geo-content locked websites, CyberGhost is helpful to its users by suggesting servers that may work in bypassing the said locks instead of just letting their users randomly try and hope for the best. This suggestion service is not limited to geo-content locking but also to peer-to-peer networks or torrents, too. By placing a section of servers that is specifically for torrenting, users are able to connect without the hassle of being blocked.

In terms of your security in the use of their service, CyberGhost is not logging your data when you use their services. They promise not to record your search preferences, browsing history, and other information they can see during your use of their service which is a good thing as it gives their users the privacy they need without worrying they may be compromised in the future.

Although a few problems exist with CyberGhost such as an average to above-average loss of internet speed when using their service as well as the simplicity of their mobile versions which feature minimal settings and a simple connect/disconnect button compared to their more flexible and deeper desktop versions, CyberGhost overall does a great job as a VPN service and provides a good amount of connections available with seven simultaneous connections for you anytime as the industry standard is five connections only.

In order to service their customers to the best they can, CyberGhost ensures that not only should their VPN service be secure and private for users with no information being saved during use, but also that their service must be always user-friendly and easy to understand by recommending the best servers and allowing exceptions to their services without any added hassle or effort in the part of the customer. With these functions and assistance readily available to its users, CyberGhost shows a promising future for the use of VPN services as a way to keep our lives in the Internet secure and worry-free.