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What are the features and benefits of CyberGhostVPN?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated August 15, 2020

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Virtual private Networks allows us to be anonymous on the internet. It is a necessary tool to ensure our privacy as we can be tracked by third-parties that can sell our information to advertisers and others. The information that they can track from us includes our location of access, our names, credit card information, and others. This is why it is recommended to use it.

How does CyberGhost work?

Virtual Private Networks connects you to the server of the service that you choose. The server you will connect it is categorized according to the country where they are based. Once a user is connected to a specific server, he/she will appear as someone from the country of their choice. For example, a user from Canada can show her location to be Cape Town Africa. Through this, third-parties attempting to track your activities are shown a fake IP address.

Once you are subscribed to the service, the information you upload online will always be encrypted. The data will then be sent to the server of your choice which will then send it to the website you are accessing. Because of the necessary steps in protecting your data, your internet connection will naturally be slowed. This is the expense of having more security.

CyberGhostVPN overview

CyberGhostVPN is a relatively new name in the VPN industry that promises quality service for a low price. For us to be able to review, we must look at four factors: Security, Speed, Features, and Customer Service.

Security measures when using CyberGhost

This is the most important aspect of a VPN as it is the main reason for subscribing to it. For starters, CyberGhost is based on Romania which is not included in the 14 countries that require all internet activities to be logged and tracked. They currently have over 15 million users which are a testament of their reliability.

Because they are not included in these countries, they can choose to not obtain any sensitive information from their users. CyberGhostVPN promises a “zero logging” policy. Through their customer policy list, you can clearly conclude that their services do not keep logs of their users. The company explicitly states that they have “an unequivocal company policy: the strongest observance of data protection and uncompromising protection of the user privacy.” This means that information like browsing history, data content, search preferences and other factors are not logged or monitored in any way.

Aside from this, CyberGhostVPN was also able to protect us on IP leak-test websites. IP address instantly tells us others of your current location. Having it leaked is the worst case scenario for someone using the service.

CyberGhostVPN also passed antimalware and antivirus applications. It also uses OpenVPN, IPSec, and L2TP for the protection of its users. It uses the AES-256 encryption standard for your device.

For security, CyberGhostVPN checks out on all requirements for good security.

Speed impact when using CyberGhost

Because a VPN naturally makes your internet connection slower, our hopes for CyberGhostVPN wasn’t too high. Fortunately, it delivered moderate results. Areas closer to our location of access had less ping and faster internet connections. From our location of access (USA), download speeds for Europe (Amsterdam and the UK) were good while ping was average. Problems only arise when you go further. For example, Asian servers (Hong Kong and Singapore).

Features of CyberGhost

Customers will not be disappointed with the VPN’s features.

The VPN has a kill switch feature that automatically ends your internet session whenever your security is bypassed. This means that your data will not be hacked even if there is an intrusion.

The VPN has a vast range of servers that reach up to 3,600+ for 60 countries which is a lot in comparison to other services. This means that users will never have to worry about overcrowded servers and slower internet connection speeds. This number puts them on a higher standard compared to other services.

The VPN can also be used for a variety of gadgets aside from Windows including Mac, Android, and iOS. It also has a website extension for Chrome and Firefox. It can also be connected to your router.

Customer Service

Customer service for CyberGhostVPN is amazing. They have a live chat system on their website that automatically connects you to a customer representative for any questions and concerns. This is a big advantage from other services that rely on e-mail support systems that take about one to two days before replying.

The answers of the representatives are also fast and informative.