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TunnelBear vs ExpressVPN

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated June 24, 2020

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The content of this article is to make you aware of the difference of the companies offering VPN services today, by critiquing, comparing and contrasting them based on their varied sets of features. We also listed the general information, benefits, and other details of the companies, other than their features. Through this article, we can be sure that you can choose your preferred VPN service wisely, because we believe that they offer different services and features because users have different specifications and favorite aspects when it comes to their VPN service.

TunnelBear VPN: General Information, Features, and Benefits

TunnelBear VPN has been very marketable and emerging drastically because of having a mascot-- the working bears. They even called themselves bears and uses terms like a cave for their central office, and they use bear puns which are thought to be funny and engaging to their potential users. Although new to the industry, they have been making huge steps in developing their brand and they catch up with their mainstay competitors. Their general aim is to provide universal privacy on browsing on the Internet in a simplest way possible. Based in Canada, they offer VPN services via different devices and Internet essentials and are currently inviting everyone to join their production team as they want to expand more of their services.

As they have committed, TunnelBear VPN give benefits to their users by providing different sets of features (PPEW or the VPN's privacy, performance, encryption, and worldwide support) that are thought to fulfill the aim of giving the best VPN service their every user deserves. Under the privacy component, they have their Automated Kill Switch version which is called the Vigilant Mode, which blocks all your Internet traffic once your VPN connection suddenly wears off. They also have the Auto Tunnel feature which is a predictor used to select high-graded servers or tunnels based on different factors and their results through a built-in test, specifically a ling test. You should not worry if you are connected on a VPN or not, since it is always on, day or night.

Their privacy policy has pledged that they adhere to a strict no-data logs policy, which guarantees you a hundred percent privacy and security. Under the performance component, you can be safe from harms on unprotected networks like Wi-Fi with their Safe Wi-Fi protection feature. They also provide a support system with their knowledge base where you can ask frequently-concerning questions.

TunnelBear's VPN allows you to connect to over 20 countries across the globe. Just like other leading VPN companies, they offer the 256-bit AES encryption technology. Another prominent and innovative feature that they offer is a free 500 MB data when you use their service, plus another 500 MB when you tweet on their Twitter account. Their GhostBear technology enables you to browse the Internet with an extra strength of encryption so that you will not get blocked and detected by third-party entities and ISPs. They also support multi-device capability. You can add a maximum of five devices on one TunnelBear account.

ExpressVPN: General Information, Features, and Benefits

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN service proud of its distinct characteristics which are not found on other VPN services. Their services are based in the US Virgin Islands, where the vicinity imposes no-data retention policy, and it is far away from big metropolitan cities where congestion is prevalent. ExpressVPN's features are said to be powerful and fully equip users for their privacy and security. Speaking of security, they have a wide range of features for it, and they also emphasize VPN as more effective than proxy and DNS codes. ExpressVPN also has positive feedback when it comes to their support system and educational features which can guide you all the way to using their VPN service wisely. Another notable point from ExpressVPN is that they have a good pricing system and promising privacy protection for your browsing experience.

They cater about 2,000 servers that span within 94 countries worldwide. They also have a formidable support system which is available 24/7. They can also support a maximum of 3 different devices for one account. You can get help and assistance from their expert representatives via live chat. Their advice is useful since they know how the system works and you can get them straight away, without waiting for too long for an answer.

As for their security protocols, 4096-bit SHA-512 RSA certificate goes along with AES-256-CBC which prevents the alteration of regular data. They do not record privacy-risking data such as your IP address, the time of login, and all the information on the websites and contents you visited. ExpressVPN is also right about it having a non-data retention policy. This security protocol is more powerful than the usual AES-256 bit or even the OpenVPN protocols. They also offer DNS leak test and 256-bit encrypted DNS on their servers to ensure that your DNS request will not be exposed to your ISP. They also provide a handy split-tunneling feature which lets you customize which apps are routed to either your VPN or a regular network connection.. Their Perfect Forward Secrecy support feature adds a level of security for their users by giving you a new security key every time you connect through the VPN.

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear VPN

In terms of experience in VPN servicing, ExpressVPN takes the lead. Compared to TunnelBear VPN which seems to be new and has been experimenting ideas on their service, ExpressVPN established itself as one of the most reliable VPN services to date. ExpressVPN has also taken the lead when it comes to some servers and its scalability. The former offers 2,000 servers in about 90 countries worldwide while TunnelBear VPN has not specified its server census and only gains access to 20 countries. However, TunnelBear VPN has been seen as having a great potential in developing and emerging in greater heights than ExpressVPN did. They have been offering innovative ideas in marketing and launched new features patented to their brand.

If you want to stay simple and enjoy basic features while expecting bigger surprises when it comes to your VPN service, might as well give a try to TunnelBear VPN. If you want to use the services of an established VPN company with its track record and accolades, choose ExpressVPN.