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NordVPN vs VyprVPN

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated March 27, 2020

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This article will give you further insights into the strengths and advantages of two different VPN services on the market- NordVPN and VyprVPN. This article also comes with the list of their features, good points, and the overall impression from these services.

At the end of the article, we can get something useful to it especially in deciding for our preferred VPN service.

NordVPN: General Information, Features, and Benefits

NordVPN is a VPN service known for giving the best package for its features while maximizing its leverage on its security section. Their highest aim is to promote security and privacy liberation via a private network like VPN. They also believe that Internet providers and other third-party entities suppress this digital right. Therefore, NordVPN started with a little number of servers and prototypes of them have been made since then. With over millions of users to date, this VPN service has been leveled to some VPN companies that offer the best and most professional kind of services.

NordVPN's features and benefits are modeled by their user's enjoyment and secured network. CyberSec option lets you block websites and content such as ads, malware, and pop-up websites that are deemed potentially harmful. Their security architecture enables you to bypass censorships and restrictions imposed by certain Internet firewalls and non-VPN complying countries. They also use AES or the Advanced Encryption Standard as their primary security protocol. This encryption, having a 256-bit security strength, is hard to decode even by supercomputers.

This VPN company is also a strict adherent of the zero-logs policy which gives complete protection to VPN users by not recording any information when surfing a network like VPN. They have also incorporated the Kill Switch Feature where it suddenly stops your operations on your apps and browser when you are no longer connected to a VPN connection. DNS leak test technology has also been introduced for smooth DNS queries to be routed on your VPN connection.

Onion over VPN is also NordVPN's pioneering feature which lets you get more security to your traffic by adding VPN gateways for your traffic to transmit. NordVPN offers over 5000 servers spanning in more than 60 countries worldwide. The Smart Play technology feature gives you access to censored and restricted media content on the web. NordVPN also supports multi-device capability of your account. You can connect your single account to six different devices-whether a tablet, digital TV, Android or Apple smartphones. On top of all the features, there is also a 24/7 help desk that can surely help you with your queries and assistance.

VyprVPN: General Information, Features, Benefits

VyprVPN strongly believes that Internet freedom is what digital citizens genuinely deserve. This VPN service has been into transparency and autonomy as they want to give the best VPN service without hiding any anomalies or lies. Along with freedom, privacy, and security, they have formed this company because they do not want data breach-related incidents to happen again, as they were rampant and devastating before. They have become aware of the dangers of not having any protection from data sellers and the government itself and also the existence of false statements from other VPN services which pledges their users that they will keep them safe.

VyprVPN has its own auditing sector which becomes their proof that they strictly adhere to the zero-logs policy. They also have the absolute control over everything in their services- their servers, data, codes, and hardware, unlike other VPN companies which use third-party hosts. This ensures that they can provide a fast and reliable VPN connection for their users. They also manage their DNS server, unlike an ISP-sponsored and third-party DNS which can cause leaks of certain information on your traffic. They also offer server clustering which automatically connects you to another server that is linked to the server you have connected to if overloading or outage occurs.

VyprVPN's performance has been modeled to be the best among its competitors. As their company, the Golden Frog has only the jurisdiction on establishing connection and servers to their service. You can be sure that the services offered are excellent and fast. They have created their own global network to give you access on premium content across the world with ease. They also block throttling, thus not restricting data caps and bandwidth transmission. You can connect to their over 700 global servers where you may find new installations in new countries every day. From these servers they offer complete privacy, over 200,000 dedicated and shared IP address, and effortless server switching.

Their service can be achieved when you download it for different devices. VyprVPN can be offered via an Android app, which provides unique features like the one-tap connect feature. They also offer apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, digital TV, and for routers. In all their apps they offer ping test feature to get the best server to use when accessing media contents whether you are using portable devices or a desktop. On top of their high-quality services, they house their own 24x7x365 customer support which can be reached via Email or Live Chat. They also feature a FAQs portal which answers common questions about their service.

NordVPN Vs VyperVPN

The two VPN services have been doing well in terms of services and credentials. Regarding perfection in performance and features offered, they tackle different angles of expertise. NordVPN ensures an optimum level of security and they have defined excellence in their features. They do not just provide it, but they had to ensure that these highlights are innovative or new to the eyes of their users. VyprVPN, meanwhile, provides strong evidence and factual information about their claims that are also new and more useful than features offered by other VPN services.

Therefore, if you want to ensure integrity and transparency in service, choose VyprVPN as your service provider. If you wish to experience the diverse yet wholesome features offered by a VPN service, feel free to select NordVPN as your service provider.