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NordVPN vs Private Internet Access

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated March 27, 2020

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Private Internet Access VPN: General Information, Features, and Benefits

Private Internet Access VPN, or simply known as PIA VPN, is a VPN service provider which is brought by London Trust Media, Inc. Through their commitment to erasing the dilemma of connecting to unprotected networks and the dangers of the contemporary Internet world, PIA VPN has made its private tunnel and connection from its servers from over 30 countries worldwide. Their commitment is to regain the culture of privacy on data of their users by strengthening their tunnel security and educating their users at the same time.

PIA VPN also offers features and benefits to its users such as a VPN Tunnel Network visible to over 30 countries. They will also let you sign up with a secure VPN account. With this VPN, you will enjoy an encrypted Wi-Fi connection, mostly for public networks. They introduce the P2P or Point to point support for their VPN services. This VPN has also varying security protocols in use. They enable the use of LT2P, PPTP/IPSec, and OpenVPN protocols. Like any VPN service, PIA VPN blocks malicious ads, malware, data trackers using their distinct VPN technology. You can also enjoy their SOCKS5 Proxy that is faster than the usual VPN technology offered. This service is easy to set up and also has an easy-to-use interface and guidelines. They host multiple VPN gateways and impose a zero-logs policy with their service. Built-in DNS, IPv6, and Email Leak tests are also offered to users for extra security check. On top of that, you can use their VPN service with up to 5 devices connecting on one account.

NordVPN: General Information, Features, and Benefits

During its six years in service, NordVPN has offered a variety of features and benefits to its users, with mainly focus on security features that have strong and varying highlights to note. The service's double VPN feature enables Internet traffic to bypass strict Internet security restrictions and firewalls. Double VPN features can come in handy for users who want to access confidential information where they require a high level of security.

They strictly impose the zero-logs policy where data, activity, and browsing history cannot be viewed nor obtained by any other parties except only to your VPN server. They have also integrated AES or the Advanced Encryption Standard in their services. This security protocol is widely used in military intelligence and government data encryption. This protocol is 256-bit, which is the most robust encryption a security protocol can have.

Another feature in line is the Kill Switch Feature that prevents the users from using the web or an application when the VPN connection drops down. Through this feature, they will not let your Internet traffic be exposed to the open network when your VPN connection suddenly wears off even for a little while. They also introduce the DNS leak protection technology where your DNS request will be routed on your VPN connection so that your ISP cannot know your activity on the web. Onion over VPN is also NordVPN's pioneering feature. Onion network integration combines the strength of the onion network and the VPN security features to add a higher level of anonymity to your Internet traffic. You will not run out of choices when it comes to their servers. NordVPN servers that are currently listed on their inventory to over 5000 located in more than 60 countries worldwide. More than that, it also has a recommendation service where you are given a preferred list of servers from NordVPN itself.

Smart Play technology, another feature of NordVPN, lets you browse contents blocked due to censorship or copyright laws. NordVPN enables users to use one account on 6 devices, be it to a smartphone, Android TV, tablet, computer, or any devices you may think of. You can also request a dedicated IP address which you can use for accessing IP-restricted content and other transactions on some websites such as Gmail, and Amazon.

P2P sharing is also available with their service. Also known as peer-to-peer sharing, this kind of network enables the users to openly download or upload files and data using a shared IP address to prolong security and anonymity from other users included on the network. They also support multiple devices. Last but not the least, they house a 24/7 technical support for certain questions and help.

Comparative Analysis

NordVPN is highly competitive when it comes to diversity in its features. They offer some that are newer and innovative than their VPN service competitors. Therefore, if you want to get a guarantee of extra protection in your service, get NordVPN.

PIA VPN, on the other hand, goes with the usual features an ideal VPN service might offer. However, they have maximized them and ensure that they benefit their users more than any other VPN services. It is also noticeable that they support multi-device capability that is quite at par with the NordVPN. PIA VPN’s security protocol option is also commendable because you can choose your protocol based on your preference. If you are starting to be a VPN user and want to learn and to have some guide, choose PIA VPN.