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NordVPN vs Private Internet Access – Which one is better?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated March 27, 2020

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In this contemporary technological era that we live in, we don’t just settle for convenient or good. We always have to be analytical when it comes to choosing the best service to supplement our browsing experience on the Internet. One of the examples of services is VPN services, where competitions and marketing coincide with strategy and perfection. VPN services are surely a hit for us Internet users nowadays where anonymity and uncertainty of security are prevalent as we store all of our personal information in the digital world. Now, the million-dollar question that you might ask would be: What VPN service I should use?

That is why we are giving you a bird's eye view of the two VPN providers that will be subjected to our in-depth comparison. In the end, the question above will not only get answered from this analysis but other questions that you might never have thought yourself. The two VPN services to be compared are Nord VPN and PIA VPN.

General Information on Nord VPN

Private Internet Access VPN, or simply known as PIA VPN, is a VPN service provider which is brought by London Trust Media, Inc. Through their commitment to erasing the dilemma of connecting to unprotected networks and the dangers of the contemporary Internet world, PIA VPN has made its private tunnel and connection from its servers from over 30 countries worldwide. Their commitment is to regain the culture of privacy on data of their users by strengthening their tunnel security and educating their users at the same time.

NordVPN, on the other hand, is a VPN provider that came from an envisioned goal of innovating their online security system and was used by over 8 million people from all over the world for 6 years now. NordVPN is a product of techy friends who dreamt of the liberation of the Internet and the right of an individual to not share information deliberately. NordVPN offers a no-breach service for their users and have a no-log policy.




●     VPN Tunnel Network all visible to over 30 countries.

●     Secure VPN account

●     Encrypted Wi-Fi connection, mostly for public networks

●     P2P support

●     LT2P, PPTP/IPSec, and OpenVPN protocols enabled.

●     Multiple devices capable of working simultaneously, up to 5.

●     Blocks malicious ads, malware, data trackers.

●     Multiple VPN Gateways

●     Unlimited bandwidth for faster browsing experience.

●     SOCKS5 Proxy enabled that is faster than the usual VPN services.

●     Zero-logs policy.

●     Setup in one click.

●     Easy-to-use interface and instructions.

●     DNS, IPv6, and Email Leak test.

●     Zero-logs policy

●     Immune to data breach scandals

●     Business and personal VPN types

●     Cybersec - automatically blocks ads and suspicious sites harboring malware and phishing.

●     Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) also used by the government to encrypt national data.

●     Double VPN - Internet traffic is encrypted twice from two different servers and location.

●     DNS leak protection - makes your IP address anonymous from your DNS servers and ISP providers.

●     Kill-switch technique - automatically terminates Internet access when VPN connection goes off.

●     The Onion Router (Tor) integration to provide extra encryption to your traffic.

●     Varied NordVPN server locations that support P2P.

●     Ultrafast streaming from international servers which can prevent bandwidth throttling and slow Internet connection.

●     SmartPlay special feature that can give you access to streaming channels without any restrictions and perils of a data breach.

●     Reach out with their assistance center functional 24/7.

●     Multiple devices supported and a dedicated, static IP address.

Pricing Tiers

NordVPN Pricing Tier


Free Trial




Special Offer

$3.29/mo or $39.48 per year (2-year plan)


$5.75/mo or $69 per year (1-year plan)


Quote request available

Triannual Plan

$2.99/mo or $35.88 (3-year plan)


  • You may also want to have seasonal deals, like Cyber Monday and just visit their page for details.
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee for their unsatisfied users.


PIA VPN Pricing Tier


Monthly Subscription


Best Value Deal

$2.91/mo or $34.92 per year (2-year plan)

Yearly Subscription

$3.33/mo or $39.95 per year


  • You can purchase in bulk by visiting [email protected].
  • They also offer a 7-day money back guarantee for their unsatisfied users.

Standings and Recognitions



●     Rising Star of 2017

●     Great User Experience for 2017

●     Top 1 Best VPN Services

●     94% positive social feedback and 3% negative social feedback

●     User Satisfaction rating of 97%

●     Scored 4.5 out of 5 and commended as one of the undisputed VPN services as of today, by Tom's Guide.

●     PCMag rated this VPN provider as ‘excellent,’ one of the Editor’s Choice recipients for VPN services.