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NordVPN vs ExpressVPN

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated March 27, 2020

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In this article, we will have a comparative analysis of the two leading VPN services on the market- NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

What are we expecting to see from this article? We will give you their features, benefits, general information, pricing, and the comparative analysis itself for you to know what to use based on your preference. At the end of the comparison, we can be assured that you can opt for your most suited VPN service.

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a VPN service that emphasizes Internet browsing freedom and security. Its features and benefits are witnesses to its commitment to strengthening the protection of your Internet traffic from primary online offenders such as hackers and data thieves through a defined and encrypted tunnel. This VPN service, due to its pledge for security, leverages into its features that are advanced and reliable for VPN users to ensure a hundred percent satisfaction and safety.

Founded in 2012, it started with a single VPN server made by childhood friends and was encouraged to make more because of positive feedbacks from their services. This online security service is now serving over 8 million people worldwide and continues to give services and a promise for innovation and excellence.

This VPN service, due to its continuing excellence, is included in the Editor's Choice by leading technology reviewers like c|net and

What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a unique VPN service because it boasts a VPN service with one complete package. It is easy-to-use, has a comprehensive price table, imposes high-security measures, and offers features that are important for VPN users.

Also a leading provider for VPN services, ExpressVPN prides its uniqueness from other VPN services. That is because they are based in the US Virgin Islands, a tropical island far from congestions that usually originate from big cities and metropolitans. The island imposes a no-data retention policy, which is why the off-shore VPN service offered by ExpressVPN has been a hit for users worldwide.

ExpressVPN receives excellent feedback from people all around the world and even from respected agencies and media outlets such as Huffington Post and TechRadar, a leading technology news and reviews portal.

Features and Benefits of the two VPN services

We will be mentioning all the essential features and benefits these two VPN services offer.



●     CyberSec - when enabled, it helps you remove online threats such as malware and malicious online ads that could harbor a virus.

●     Extra Layer of Privacy - the architecture of NordVPN has a double layer of VPN that enables Internet traffic to bypass strict Internet security restrictions and firewalls. Double VPN features can come in handy for users who want to access confidential information where they require a high level of security.

●     AES 256-bits - also known as the Advanced Encryption Standard, this security protocol is widely used in military intelligence and government data encryption.

●     IKEv2/IPSec - another security protocol that cannot be breached by any supercomputers due to its strong encryption.

●     Zero-logs policy - data, activity, and browsing history cannot be viewed nor obtained by any other parties except only to your VPN server.

●     Kill Switch Feature - it prevents the users from using the web or an application when the VPN connection drops down. Through this feature, we will not let your Internet traffic be exposed to the open network when your VPN connection suddenly wears off even for a while.

●     DNS leak protection technology - your DNS request will be routed on your VPN connection so that your ISP cannot know your activity on the web.

●     Onion network integration - the combined strength of the onion network and the VPN security features adds a higher level of anonymity to your Internet traffic.

●     NordVPN servers - the servers currently listed on their inventory is over 5000 located in more than 60 countries worldwide. More than that, it also has a recommendation service where you are given a preferred list of servers from NordVPN itself.

●     Smart Play technology - it lets you browse contents blocked due to censorship or copyright laws.

●     P2P sharing - also known as the peer-to-peer sharing, this kind of network enables the users to openly download or upload files and data using a shared IP address to prolong security and anonymity from other users included on the network.

●     Multidevice support - NordVPN enables users to use their one account in 6 devices, be it to a smartphone, Android TV, tablet, computer, or any devices you may think of.

●     The dedicated IP address - this one unique address of yours can be used for accessing IP-restricted contents and other transactions in some websites such as Gmail and Amazon.

●     24/7 technical support

●     ExpressVPN lets users access contents everywhere within reach of their servers. They also give access to media streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, BBC, and many more.

●     ExpressVPN gives their users the freedom to choose from over 2000 servers located in over 90 countries worldwide.

●     ExpressVPN Smart Location technology checks different key VPN factors to give you your preferred VPN server.

●     The variety of security protocols are offered by ExpressVPN such as OpenVPN for UDP and TCP, PPTP, IKev2, and others. These protocols strengthen the level of security for VPN users and ensure smooth data transit over a VPN connection.

●     ExpressVPN has its own speed test feature. This is essential because the results from the test can be used when comparing the server quality and the capacity of your connection to upload or download data.

●     ExpressVPN is available in any device. This can be in the form of a smartphone application, computer program, Digital TV MediaStreamer, or a browser extension. The download and installation are easy as ABC. You can get their apps on their official website.

●     You can ask their customer service representatives through their 24/7 live chat support for help and questions.

●     ExpressVPN's split tunneling lets you connect to a VPN network while also maintaining your connection to your ISP. Split tunneling is advisable when you are only accessing for contents that do not require a high level of security.

●     AES 256-bits, also known as the Advanced Encryption Standard, this security protocol is widely used in military intelligence and government data encryption. This protocol cannot be cracked even by a supercomputer.

●     ExpressVPN's zero log policy does not give any information or retent any data or activity to an external site that could compromise your identity on the web.

●     Your IP address masks your identity when visiting websites.

●     ExpressVPN lets you to either leave the choice of security protocol from your application or manually choose your preferred security protocol.

●     ExpressVPN has its own DNS server that prevents external DNS queries causing potential identity leak.

●     Your one ExpressVPN subscription can be used for a maximum of three devices.


Pricing and Tiers

NordVPN Pricing Tier


Free Trial



$11.95/month or $143.4

Special Offer

$3.29/mo or $39.48 per year (2-year plan)


$5.75/mo or $69 per year (1-year plan)


Quote request available

Triannual Plan

$2.99/mo or $35.88 (3-year plan)


  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied users.


ExpressVPN Pricing Tier



$12.95/month or $155.4 per year


$9.99/month or $59.5 per 6 months

Yearly (Best Deal)

$8.32/month or $99.95 per year


  • If you are not satisfied from whatever reason you may have, you can get a full refund for your money within 30 days.


With the reasonable pricing and features significantly benefiting its users, NordVPN does define security at its best. Its standing as one of the best VPN services convinces many potential users to trust NordVPN. The pricing and the special offers can pull many customers that find this to be an inexpensive VPN service.

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, has become solid with its service because it offers a variety of features that do not only dwell in security alone. With the highlights included in this article, we can say that ExpressVPN has a total package to offer to its potential and long-time users.

Choosing a VPN service comes with different preferences to consider. Though both offer features and benefits that maximize their user's VPN experience, they can have notable differences. When you want to get great deals for pricing and the best security features, subscribe to NordVPN. NordVPN is undeniably serving security features that are new and innovative for customers. If you want to have an easy-to-use VPN service and more special features not present to other VPN services, you should subscribe to ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN emphasizes more its customer service and offers features that guide users on how to get their best VPN browsing experience one step at a time.