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ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated September 7, 2020

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This article is all about the features of two VPN services, and as we list all of them, we will give a comparative analysis with regards to what is the suitable service you want to try. In this analysis, we will introduce ExpressVPN and VyprVPN as our subjects. Though both are excellent when it comes to serving their users, there will always be differences among them.

ExpressVPN: General Information, Features, and Benefits

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN service proud of its distinct characteristics which are not found on other VPN services. Their services are based in the US Virgin Islands, where the vicinity imposes no-data retention policy, and it is far away from big metropolitan cities where congestion is prevalent. ExpressVPN's features are said to be powerful and fully equip users for their privacy and security. Speaking of security, they have a wide range of features for it, and they also emphasize VPN as more effective than proxy and DNS codes. ExpressVPN also has positive feedback when it comes to their support system and educational features which can guide you all the way to using their VPN service wisely. Another notable point from ExpressVPN is that they have a good pricing system and promising privacy protection for your browsing experience.

Speaking of the features of this VPN service, ExpressVPN does not give the usual and default kinds. ExpressVPN’s architecture has an approximate 2,000 servers within 94 nations worldwide. Its security protocols go with a 4096-bit SHA-512 RSA certificate that goes along with AES-256-CBC which prevents the alteration of data. This security protocol is deemed to be more robust than the AES-256 bit protocol or even the OpenVPN system. They also have Perfect Forward Secrecy support feature that adds security strength to their users by giving you new a security key every 60 minutes you connect into the VPN. They host DNS leak test features and 256-bit encrypted DNS server to ensure that your DNS requests will not get routed to your ISP. ExpressVPN has also proven about their zero-data retention regulation. They do not tally data which can breach your identities such as IP address used, the time of login, and the information of the sites and media contents you accessed. They also provide a useful split-tunneling feature which lets you choose which apps are tunneled to either your private network or an open public network. This way you can decrease the chance for other apps to have a slow connection which is sometimes caused by connecting through a VPN. They also host a reliable help desk system which is available all day long. You can reach them for help and assistance from expert customer service clerks via video conferencing. They can be so reliable since they know how ExpressVPN's system and architecture works and you can get their advice straight to the screen, without waiting a day for it. ExpressVPN also supports multi-device feature for a maximum of 3 connected to one account.

VyprVPN: General Information, Features, Benefits

VyprVPN greatly emphasizes the fact that Internet liberty is essential for digital citizens nowadays. This VPN service has been dealing with being true and factual as they want to offer the best VPN service without invalidating their claims. Together with freedom, privacy, and security, they established this VPN service because they cannot afford to let data breach-related scandals to make headlines again, as they were ubiquitous and dangerous before. They have become vigilant of the dangers caused by not having any protection from data offenders and the government itself. They have become aware of the existence of false statements from other VPN services which promise their users that they will serve them the best they can.

VyprVPN has its own auditing department which becomes their promise that they strictly obey their zero-logs regulation. They also possess complete control of everything in their company- their servers, data, codes, and hardware, unlike their competitors which incorporate third-party systems. This guarantees that they can give a fast and reliable VPN connection for their users. They have created their DNS server, far from the usual ISP-sponsored and third-party DNS from other VPN companies which can lead to leaks on certain information on your traffic. VyprVPN also comes with a server clustering feature which automatically connects you to a clustered server that is linked to the server you have connected to when the latter overloads or when an outage occurs. VyprVPN's technology has been made to be the most efficient among other VPN companies.

Like their parent company, the Golden Frog has only the overall control of engineering connection and servers over their users. With this, you can be sure that the services offered are the best. They have established a global network that provides you with access to premium contents worldwide effortlessly.  They strictly block throttling, thus you cannot experience data caps. You can also connect to their over 700 international servers where you may find new installations and countries. From these servers, they will give you complete anonymity, over 200,000 dedicated and shared IP address, and you can switch from one server to another. You can enjoy VyprVPN's services if you download their apps suitable for different devices. VyprVPN can be offered via an Android application, which has unique features to offer like a one-click connect feature. They also provide services for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, digital TV, and for routers. In all their apps they have built-in ping tester to let you choose the best server to use when accessing media contents whether you are on a mobile phone or a desktop. On top of their promising services, they have their own 24x7x365 support portal which can be reached in either Email or video conference. You can also visit their FAQs page which gives responses to common questions regarding ExpressVPN.

Comparative Analysis

When it comes to aspects of VPN services, both VPN companies possess advantages and disadvantages. In the security aspect, ExpressVPN’s security protocol is remarkable since it has been the most robust we have witnessed. In terms of engineering, you can be sure that VyprVPN has it. Its transparency to details and the fact that their company is the sole entity which governs the whole operation is remarkable as well.

If you want to guarantee yourself with best and fast VPN service while enjoying more benefits, subscribe to VyprVPN. If you want to enjoy a well-secured VPN connection and an assurance that your privacy and security will not get compromised, choose ExpressVPN.