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Does NordVPN have a free trial?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated March 27, 2020

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We cannot change the mere fact that all of the legitimate companies that offer VPN services require you to have a financial plan first before purchase. In short, you must have a buck to enjoy its features and advantages. You have to pick the best tier or plan for a good basket of goods and features. Rather than getting disappointed, you must look over its quality instead of quantity. A handful of features will never be good against countable assets that are more relevant or useful in a long time interval.

NordVPN, a visionary of liberated Internet access via privacy and anonymity of users, lets you pave your own experience and opportunity through its financial plans and surprise deals just awaiting this season. Aside from its exceptional credentials in the industry, this provider, through its affordable tiers, will never keep you hanging and buffering.

One thing that brings a lot of users to this provider is a free VPN  trial feature, where you can stroll free on its system for 30 days and guarantee you getting your money back between the inclusive dates. How neat and considerate is that?

After deciding to continue your NordVPN journey, they will introduce you now to their financial plans, all situated below:

NordVPN Pricing Tier


Free Trial




Special Offer

$3.29/mo or $39.48 per year (2-year plan)


$5.75/mo or $69 per year (1-year plan)


Quote request available

Triannual Plan

$2.99/mo or $35.88 (3-year plan)

  • All are subjected to the 30-day money-back guarantee feature. With this, you can decide on this free trial if it is worth it or you might be unsatisfied. However, with the highlights and features coming, it will be awful for you to exit.
  • In the Triannual Plan, you may save 75% of what you are going to pay from the monthly subscription.
  • Payments are available via Paypal™, Visa™, Mastercard™, Amex™, and Discover™ cards. You can also pay via cryptocurrencies and other banking institutions available.
  • On its Google Play app version, its VPN proxy has a 7-day free trial and is among the Top 3 top-grossing VPN apps in the store.
  • On its iOS and iPad version, it is free to download and has in-app purchase/s.

Included Basic Features of Nord VPN Users Need to Know About

  • International network coverage
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 tech support
  • P2P enabled
  • Double encryption
  • Killswitch mechanism
  • Tor over VPN
  • Ultrafast connection speed
  • Multi-devices supported for one account

Download Sites for Different Devices

If you want to be safer in getting NordVPN products, go to their official website, and from there you can download their applications or programs. You can get their Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Android TV, and Chrome and Firefox extensions with a click on their Download portal.

NordVPN Subscription Box

Upon choosing your plan, you will get your NordVPN Subscription plan including a product key card and a user's guide.