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CyberGhostVPN vs ExpressVPN

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated September 7, 2020

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In this article, we will give you two VPN services and their features, benefits, and good points. After that, we will make a comparison so that you, as a potential VPN user, will be familiarized with the differences and similarities each VPN companies have. This way, we want to ensure that you get the best of what VPN service you might choose.

CyberGhostVPN: General Information, Features, and Benefits

This VPN service has been emerging and constantly giving one of the best VPN networks to its users for the past seven years in the industry. CyberGhostVPN gives a good point on the simplicity, automation, and customization of VPN services they are giving. Speaking about improvement and innovation, their new CyberGhostVPN version, v.7, is improved and has new and more useful and simple features that can motivate mobile users in using VPN services and thus increasing more of its market. With the positive feedbacks adjudged from CyberGhostVPN's features and overall rating, it has also been called “one of the best VPN companies to date” by some reliable technical reviewers. You, as a user can be assured that they offer the quality of the VPN service you deserve as they continue to make development and search for innovative ways in providing the best customer experience and browsing protection.

They also cater about more than 3000 servers located in over 60 countries worldwide so you can have different choices on where to browse contents and stuff on the Internet securely. You can also be protected in open networks like when you want to connect in a shop's Wi-Fi, with their Wi-Fi protect feature. Their architecture and design work in all mobile devices, preferably Android phones.

Their one-tap connect feature, also a vital yet straightforward feature of CyberGhostVPN, makes your CyberGhostVPN application easy to use with its design and architecture. They also host a live 24/7 chat or video conferencing help center for queries or assistance that should be resolved immediately. They are encrypted with a 256-bit AES encryption technology, the most common yet one of the most robust encryption strengths offered by a VPN company.

ExpressVPN: General Information, Features, and Benefits

ExpressVPN is a top-tier VPN service boasting its unique characteristics which are not offered by other premium VPN services. They are based in the US Virgin Islands, where it strictly enforces zero-data logs regulation and is distant from big and centralized cities where congestion is widely rampant.

ExpressVPN's features are said to be robust, and this VPN fully gives users their privacy and security. Talking about security, they have offered a wide range of features in line with it, and they also familiarize users that VPN is more secure and useful than proxy and DNS codes. ExpressVPN has also received good feedback in terms of their support system and customer learning features which can guide their users all the way to using their VPN service with ease. Another good thing about ExpressVPN is that they offer a better pricing system and an excellent security protection for your digital safety and convenient browsing experience.

They support a maximum of 3 different devices connected to one account. They also offer DNS leak test and 256-bit encrypted DNS on their servers to ensure that your DNS request will not be exposed to your ISP. They also offer a handy split-tunneling feature which lets you customize which apps are routed to either your VPN or a regular network connection. This way you can decrease the chance of other apps having a slow Internet connection.

They possess about 2,000 servers within 94 countries worldwide. Their Perfect Forward Secrecy support feature adds a level of security for their users by giving you a new security key every time you connect into the VPN. You can get help and assistance from their expert representatives via live chat. Their advice is useful since they know how the system works and you can get them straight away, without waiting for a day in its security protocols. ExpressVPN is strictly adhering in its zero-data retention policy. They do not record privacy-risking data such as your IP address, the time of login, and all the information on the websites and contents you visited. 4096-bit SHA-512 RSA certificate goes along with AES-256-CBC which prevents the alteration of regular data. Their security protocol is more powerful than the usual AES-256 bit or even the OpenVPN protocols. They also host a useful and reliable support system which is available 24/7.

Comparative Analysis CyberGhost VS Express VPN

In terms of the number of servers offered, you can get more with CyberGhostVPN's 3000+ servers over ExpressVPN's 2000+ servers. However, when scalability is a concern, ExpressVPN is better than CyberGhostVPN since the former has its servers in about 90 countries compared to the latter's 60 territories. CyberGhostVPN's features are also simple and more suitable for mobile devices. This marketing strategy is effective since more VPN users use mobile devices. Regarding the multi-device capability of the two VPN companies, you may appreciate CyberGhostVPN more than ExpressVPN since the former doubles the latter’s capacity - 7 devices by CyberGhostVPN versus 3 from ExpressVPN. However, if you want to get a variety of features, choose ExpressVPN since CyberGhost's features are mostly revamps of basic VPN features.

If you want to get a more simple and mobile-inclined VPN application, you might like CyberGhostVPN. However, if you want to have a variety of features and explore more about VPN services, you need to go for ExpressVPN.