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What are the features of System Keeper?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated February 10, 2020

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The term ‘utility’ describes software developed for maintaining, configuring or boosting your PC. Utility software can either be included with the operating system of your computer or you can install them separately from third-party providers.

The importance of utility software

When you buy a new computer, you make sure you choose the best configuration, in terms of processor, RAM memory and so on, to ensure your device will run fast and smoothly. The problem is that as time goes by and you keep installing, uninstalling, downloading. Moving around and deleting files and apps, your computer becomes cluttered. Most of the times that clutter manifests through sluggishness, weird errors or message windows.

Take any Windows PC for instance and think about all the programs you install and uninstall on it. Every time you uninstall a program, you think it’s enough to just go to the Control Panel – Programs and Features and click ‘uninstall’ on the program you no longer want on your drive. However, when you uninstall it like that, some files and entries are still left behind in the Windows registry. Over time, your computer will move slower and its overall performance will decrease.

The best thing you can do is use a third-party registry program to properly clean your drive and fix the Windows registry.

There’s lot of utility software out there and you can opt for the programs that best meet your needs:

  • Registry cleaners
  • Debuggers
  • Disk defragmenters, cleaners, analyzers and so on
  • Antivirus programs
  • Backup programs and many more

Utility programs have a lot of benefits on your system: they scan it for potential errors, they fix any found issues, they monitor your system, optimize it and boost its performance.

Most providers offer utility software as a bundle of several smaller tools/programs: registry cleaners, startup optimizers, backup software, security tool such as anti-malware, internet optimizers, file shredders (that allow you to irreversibly delete unwanted files from your computer) and more.

System Keeper – What is it and is it worth considering?

System Keeper is a complex 10-in-1 utility program for Windows PCs, developed by Monterix Software.

Monterix Software is a British software company that focuses on creating cleaning, repairing and optimizing tools for Windows computers.

The programs designed by Monterix are meant to check 3 of the most important boxes when it comes to utility software: speed, protection and user-friendliness.

Their most popular products are System Keeper and Driver Updater. Both of them come with a free trial, but you can’t do much with just the trial version. If you want to fix any issues and optimize your computer in any way, you have to register the program first.

How much do System Keeper and Driver Updater cost?

If you want to purchase a license for the programs, you can either buy them separately or together. If you go with the latter option, you’ll get a generous discount. System Keeper and Driver Updater are both subscription based and the price is for a monthly subscription.

System Keeper

System Keeper is currently priced at $9.95/month.

Driver Updater

Driver Updater is also priced at $9.95/month.

If you opt for the bundle, you can get both System Keeper and Driver Updater for $17.45/month.

Considering that this is a monthly subscription we don’t find this pricing offer all that attractive.

The monthly subscription renews automatically but you can cancel it any time you want.

Monterix also offers a 60-day money back guarantee with its products, which is very generous, because most competitors offer only half of that.

The company accepts credit cards and PayPal payment.

Main features of System Keeper

As we’ve already mentioned it, System Keeper is a complex optimization program which is capable of modifying over 150 system settings. This program has been used on more than 10 million computers worldwide and the number continues to grow.

While Windows has its standard settings, oftentimes they don’t help in your computer’s performance, because it doesn’t adjust those settings according to your system’s particular components. That is why System Keeper is a great way to make your Windows PC much faster and more stable, because it changes settings based on the components in your computer.

The program is very user-friendly, you simply download and install it on your device, you register it and run a scan. System Keeper will guide you through every step.

There are 10 main features included with System Keeper, which is why Monterix calls the software a ‘10-in-1 ultimate tool’:

  • It cleans any types of threats such as viruses, malware, PUP
  • It cleans your computer from temporary files and junk files
  • It cleans the cache files
  • It cleans error reports (files with debug info for each Windows crash; they are usually large files that take up a lot of disk space)
  • It tweaks the CPU settings of your computer
  • It adjusts the memory settings
  • It adjusts the video settings
  • It tweaks the network settings
  • It tweaks the system settings
  • It cleans your Windows registry

Main features of Driver Updater

Driver Updater is another useful tool to have, because it updates the outdated drivers on your PC and installs the ones that are missing. It is also compatible just with Windows devices. Driver Updater has a huge driver database and it updates it 2 or 3 times/week There are more than 300,000 drivers for various devices such as Bluetooth, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, mouse, network card drivers, keyboard, motherboard, printer, scanner, USB drivers, TV tuner and many more.

Monterix boasts on using its own algorithm with both the Driver Updater and the System Keeper.

When you purchase any of the two products, you benefit from 24/7 technical support by phone and e-mail.