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Total 3D Home, Landscape and Deck Suite Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 12, 2021

Looking at blueprints on digital display


Home design applications are important for creating a 3D design of your blueprint. Here, users can simply add dimensions for walls, add doors and windows, and drag and drop to the room of your choice. The application is good for both designing your house and also presenting it to your clients with the use of the application’s virtual tour feature. Aside from this, you can also design the landscape of the house to complete the whole look. 


The application is designed to be very simple to use. Upon first opening the application, its interface will guide the user through using the different features. With it, users can simply create rooms, insert objects, and choose the colors and furnishings for these.

Users are given a step-by-step guide for each of their features. They also have video tutorials that can give quicks tips and advice for users to be familiar with the application. 

One of the features that they take pride in is the use of Smart RoomBlocks. Here, users can drag and drop different shapes for the different rooms of the house. This is good for those who want to create a complex arrangement of the shapes for each room while still making a cohesive total design. Here, users are given up to 14,000 pre-made shapes. They can also trace their own room using their own measurements.

With the application, users can trace or scan their blueprints directly into the application. This is to make it easier to follow its measurements and to make the final design as accurate as possible.

The application can help with estimating the final cost of the home by giving an estimate based on the different objects and measurements that you’ve used for your house. We found that the estimates were somewhat close, but with how quickly everything changes in pricing it might take a bit more work to keep them closer to what to expect. Overall though the features that we found when we reviewed Total 3d Home and deck were very impressive 

Interior Design

The application has a photo gallery that contains up to 2,500 interior design inspirations where users can get ideas for pools, landscapes, bedrooms, and more. The application has a total of 20,000 items in their catalog that includes branded ones. This means that users will have a lot of options for the objects that they can display in their different rooms.

In case the objects that you can insert into each room seem to be inaccurate with your vision, you can simply upload pictures into the application. Through this, you can make the living room couch, kitchen tabletop, and more as accurate as possible.

These objects can then be designed further by adding different flooring, wallpapers, fabrics, textures, paints, and more. You can also have your own paint palette which increases your color options

Outdoor design

For the outdoors, the application also has a lot of options for what you can insert. Users will be supplied with a plant encyclopedia where information about how plants and flora will be raised are shown for you to plan where to put them accordingly. Aside from this, you can also insert pools, streams, spas, and irrigation systems to design your garden and backyard better. You can also put decks, porches, and balconies. 

Inserting the walls, gates, and railings of the house is also easy. 

The application has abundant terrain features which can adjust based on the geological location of the house as to accommodate hills, terraces, and more. 

3D Design

While designing the house and after doing so, a 3D representation of your design can be viewed. You can also control the weather, lighting, and more to make the representation more accurate.  If you don't think this is the right choice for you, we suggest you take a look at our rankings of the best digital home design software on the market today, as we have found several that were great for our users.