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PureVPN Review 2022 and Torrenting Support

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 14, 2022

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What is PureVPN?

In 2007, Hong Kong-based PureVPN joined the competitive world of VPN service under GZ Systems LTD. The program promises a blazing-speed internet connection with dedicated servers strategically placed across 140+ countries to let users access geo-restricted content such as your favorite TV shows from Netflix and Hulu. Online security and anonymity is also a priority; that’s why PureVPN deployed the cutting edge military-grade encryption to make it harder for cybercriminals to pry open your sensitive information such as IP address and location.

VPN Price

PureVPN is not free to use; however, it generously welcomes new users with its generous 7-day trial offer for only $0.99 – enough to take control and enjoy its robust features. The best part is there’s no commitment, and you can cancel it anytime to get your dollar back. PureVPN also offers a 1-month plan for only $10.95 and a 6-month plan for $8.33 billed every month. If you want a long-term internet sidekick and want to save a few dollars, then we recommend you to grab the second billing plan.

PureVPN Features

PureVPN has qualities over quantities of compelling features to kickstart your security and anonymity while browsing over its high-speed, dedicated servers. Finding the best VPN solution depends on the preference of a user, but there are game-changing attributes that separate PureVPN from its competitors. 

  1. Internet Kill Switch

Computer geeks will surely love this VPN feature, but for beginners, it must be another one of those jargons only the tech-savvy can understand. To give new users an overview, an internet kill switch essentially suspends your internet connection when your VPN drops to avoid exposing your sensitive data accidentally. Luckily, the odds of getting a failed VPN connection is slim, and the cause is usually from the user side. 

With an internet kill switch, users can breathe with ease, free from any cyber attackers attempting to intercept their IP address and physical location.

  1. Split Tunneling

Tech enthusiasts really love complex terms, but in a simpler version, split tunneling lets you choose what devices or applications should pass through the VPN and what should not. This is an advantage if you want to access a particular website but want an extra layer of security. Lots of risks are associated with using this tool. Still, PureVPN assured its valued customers that it passes through the state of the art protection to repel any cybercriminals and hackers.

In general, PureVPN’s split tunneling lets you conserve your precious bandwidth, access foreign and local content simultaneously, and share p2p files without worrying about getting your sensitive information exposed.

  1. 10 Multi Logins

Buying a PureVPN subscription is enough to cyber protect a household from using the internet for as low as $0.99. As promised by the Chinese VPN solution, simultaneously logging in between devices is allowed, and there will be no bandwidth limit and no server switching restriction to relish the generous one-week offer. 

PureVPN is compatible with most devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices, Chrome, and Firefox to extend its outstanding service to users. To see a full list of devices it supports, click here.

  1. Advanced Protection

PureVPN is equipped with the leading-edge AES 256-bit encryption to provide its users with the utmost protection they’ll need. The military-grade encryption would take billions of years for hackers to find the cryptographic key they want for our locked data – which is foolish to attempt. In other words, the software is on-trend when it comes to employing the best encryption technology for cybersecurity.

With PureVPN’s cyber protection deployed, there’s nothing to worry about getting your IP address unmasked by savvy hackers and your DNS exposed to paranoid Internet Service Providers you subscribed to.

  1. Public Wifi Safety

Connecting to free public wifi without a VPN is often associated with many security risks since it is vulnerable to playful cybercriminals. Who knows? Maybe the guy from the next table sipping his frappuccino is plotting an evil move to access your personal information. With PureVPN’s enhanced security, you’ll never have to worry about the risk of getting eavesdropped and feel safer browsing outside your home.

How can PureVPN be used with Torrenting?

Having PureVPN installed on your device is beneficial for your torrenting needs, especially if you want your IP address masked and undetectable by your ISP, who continually monitors your online activity. It gives you an exceptional advantage to get premium contents right away with a single click while maintaining your anonymity, although we don’t recommend it. While Torrenting is not illegal, any users who download copyrighted materials will not be tolerated by PureVPN and the law.

Why Use a VPN When Torrenting?

With a VPN, all traffic will be encrypted before it leaves your personal computer and heads first to PureVPN’s dedicated server. As a result, your ISP won’t be able to see you torrenting, nor hackers gaining access to your sensitive data.

The reason why many people are using VPN is for security, anonymity, and accessing overseas content with great ease. It’s best to avoid free VPN services that sell your data to other companies and bombards you with annoying ads. 


PureVPN is definitely a go-to software you should consider using if you want a wide selection of servers. Just like any existing VPN solutions, it has the latest technology in security, which keeps you anonymous while browsing and accessing international and local shows. PureVPN respects your privacy; that’s why it strictly follows a ‘zero-log’ policy. It has every feature of a decent VPN service you could wish for, and with just a dollar, you can enjoy all of it!