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Does PureVPn work with Netflix?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated February 10, 2020

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Netflix offers TV and movies that you can watch anytime and anywhere using your mobile phone. Netflix has a one-month free trial that you can try if you do not have Netflix membership yet. Once you have the Netflix membership, you have unlimited access to unlimited movies, download, and watch online for an affordable monthly fee.


Like I have mentioned, PureVPN is one of the best dependable VPN service providers that is a veteran in the industry of the VPN market already. It gives its customers a broad range selection of servers, provides a lot of functionality, and it has a comprehensive platform coverage. PureVPN has a well-designed application, excellent customer support, and good privacy policy. All of these give satisfaction to the essentials of its valued customers.

PureVPN for Netflix

PureVPN will be your instrument to access Netflix in different countries wherever you are. PureVPN has 2,000+ servers based in 140+ countries that will assure you enjoy a fast and smooth streaming. Netflix can block VPN users because the VPN service provider lacks a dedicated IP address which is why it can be easily detected. With PureVPN, Netflix cannot detect that you are using a VPN. It is the fact that you are anonymous online that PureVPN provides.

You have a 31-day money back guarantee to test all you want until it works. In case that PureVPN Netflix doesn’t work out, you can ask for a refund for what you have paid

Steps to Stream on Netflix with PureVPN

Step 1: Sign up for PureVPN

Step 2: Install PureVPN

Step 3: Connect to US Netflix

PureVPN Guarantees:

Ultra-Fast HD Streaming

Netflix Servers

Over 5,000 Netflix Titles

5 Multi Logins

Here are the deemed important features of PureVPN which make it evident for you to choose it as your Netflix VPN provider:

Ultra-Fast Speed

Everyone hates slow connection speeds and wants a connection speed that would satisfy them. PureVPN allows you to enjoy using the internet with a guaranteed maximum speed of 1Gbit connection always.

Universal Unblocking

There are no limitations and boundaries with PureVPN, you can stream all you want without hesitations. PureVPN unblocks every service that is blocked, allowing you to maximize the use of the internet.

Numerous servers across the world

PureVPN assures you a universal coverage and accessibility by the use of their servers scattered on 6 continents. 2000+ servers in 140+ countries are what make PureVPN great and globally competitive.

Split Channeling

Not enough connection speed to satisfy your needs? PureVPN lets you divide or split the internet data among your virtual private network and your internet service provider. By doing that, PureVPN ensures you’ll enjoy maximum speed and performance.

Domain Name System Leak Protection

Through the use of PureVPN’s Domain Name System leak protection, you can freely send and receive data beneath an invincible tunnel, and DNS servers will not have a chance of getting your information straight to them.