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Why should you buy AXVoice? What features does it include?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated September 6, 2020

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AXvoice is a Voice-over-Internet Protocol service that is known for its affordable and flexible features. It is a standout service especially for users who are home-based or operating a small business. The service was found back in 2005. They only require an internet connection for a VoIP service that is accessible and convenient. 

Features of AXVoice

AXvoice is equipped with a lot of features for different purposes on your phone. This includes the following:

  1. Caller ID Blocking – AXvoice can be set up for you to block specific callers IDs. This is because the phone line that you may be using may only be for business purposes. Aside from this, you may also want to use this to block the numbers of telemarketers from being able to call your house or your office.
  2. Three-way calling – You can also set it up to have another participant in an ongoing call. This is especially handy for calls within a family or with meetings with multiple people. You can even disconnect with the other caller while still being on the line with the original party you were calling.
  3. Music on hold – This can be especially handy whenever you are using the VoIP service for business services. This keeps the customers from hanging up as the music lets them know that they are still in the queue for the next customer.
  4. E911 Support – AXvoice’s systems can be set up to automatically be connected to 911. You can choose to immediately link your system to the authorities without even talking. 
  5. Blocking international calls – Because AXvoice’s plans are limited in terms of minutes for international calls. This is because accepting them may cause more payment on your end. International calling blocking makes it sure that you will only accept friends, families, or business partners that are outside the US and Canada.
  6. Codec capability – You can also use the codec to connect which is advisable for those experiencing temporary speed fluctuations for their internet connections. You can switch to G.729, G.711u, and the G.711a. 
  7. Alternate Calling ID – You can set your system to have multiple numbers to show whenever you do outbound calls.
  8. Easy dialling for multiple numbers – Users are given more convenience with the lack of requirement for the area and country codes whenever making local codes. You can use their 7, 10, and 11-digit dialling service for more convenience. 
  9. Incoming call features – AXvoice has set up multiple features for you to better manage your incoming calls. This lets you have more control over the calls for your number so that you can easily manage it to suit customers, friends, or even those which you do not want to be able to contact you:
  • Call Waiting – For you to be able to contact multiple calls, you can set your system to have one party be in waiting. This lets you switch between calling two people without hanging up on one. 
  • Do not disturb – You can choose to put all of your incoming calls straight to your voicemail in case you are busy and are unable to take a call. 
  • Blacklist – This is an especially handy feature that lets you block specific numbers from being able to contact you. Examples of numbers which are usually blocked include prank callers and telemarketers. 
  • Caller ID – You can also choose to receive calls specifically from those with Caller IDs. This prevents you from being called by anyone which you do not know.
  • Multiple ringtones – Using multiple numbers for your system may result in confusion as one can be used for personal purposes while another is for business purposes. Having multiple ringtones allow you to distinguish which one you need to answer immediately. 
  • Call Filter – You can also choose to redirect some of your contacts to your line. 
  • Simultaneous ring – You can have up to three numbers to ring. 
  • Anonymous call rejection – You can choose to reject all types of anonymous calls to prevent any telemarketers to call you. 
  1. Call Forwarding – This feature is best for those using their AXvoice line for business purposes. You can choose call forwarding features for you to redirect calls and to avoid having dropped calls. This is because even a single one may cause a loss of income. Some of the features include:
  • Find Me Follow Me Feature – Unanswered calls can be redirected towards specified numbers. In case one will not be able to answer, it can then be led to another in a specific order. This lets you avoid any dropped calls.
  • Call forwarding – You can choose to redirect calls to any phone numbers within the USA and Canada.
  • Failover – This is an extremely handy feature that allows you to redirect the calls you will receive in the case of a power outage to another one. 
  • Call logs – You will be able to keep track of all of your missed, incoming, and outgoing calls.
  • Enhanced voicemail – You can use their website to check your current voicemails.
  • Free in-networking calling – Any calls that will be made with any other AXvoice numbers will be free. 
  • BYOD Support – You can set up your AXvoice line to any unlocked VoIP device. 
  • Softphone support – You can link their system to any cell phone, tablet, or computer without the need for a touchtone phone.