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Which is the best VoIP service provider for residential use?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated April 16, 2021

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The invention of the audio transceiver back in the 90s opened a new world of possibilities in the technology of communication. VoIP services have been around for quite a long time now. The first internet phone service was launched in 1996 and since then, VoIP (voice over the internet protocol) has improved dramatically. Nowadays, more and more people and organizations rely on VoIP as their main mean of communication.

How does VoIP work and what are its benefits?

VoIP uses internet protocols instead of traditional landlines in order to send the audio signal. Before the signal is transmitted, it is first converted from analog to digital, more exactly, into digital packets of data that can consist in audio, video, text, images. The recipient of the signal will receive the signal via private or public internet networks.

VoIP works between a VoIP user and a landline user, between two VoIP users and it can also be used to make VoIP calls to mobile phones or directly to computers. Versatility is one of the reasons why VoIP is so widespread.

Other advantages of VoIP over landlines

VoIP has always been seen as a more affordable alternative to landlines and a lot of businesses and individuals are switching to VoIP services for this exact reason.

There are several aspects in which VoIP helps you cut on your expenses. The first saving occurs right at the beginning, when you sign up for a VoIP service and you don’t have to pay for setup anymore. VoIP services are extremely easy to set up and don’t necessarily require professional help.

Another money saving aspect is hardware. While most VoIP providers also offer VoIP phones to their customers, they are not mandatory to be able to make VoIP calls. You can also use a softphone (special software that you have to install on your device in order to be able to make/receive calls over the internet) and you won’t have to invest any money, as long as you have a computer/laptop and a headset.

You will also notice a cost cut in your monthly bill. With landlines, your bill can easily skyrocket from a few long-distance phone calls. Landlines are expensive to maintain and long-distance calls are really pricey. You won’t have this problem with VoIP, since all your VoIP calls are made via internet, so distance isn’t really an issue anymore, at least not price-wise.

Flexibility is a great benefit of VoIP as well, which is something you don’t get with landlines. VoIP can be used regardless of your location, as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

VoIP also includes more features than landlines. Thanks to converting the signal into digital packets of data, you can share audio, video, text or images over the internet using VoIP.

Which is the best VoIP service to consider for residential use?

Voice Over The Internet Protocol is more popular among businesses, because they benefit more from all the features included with VoIP and from the reduced cost. Businesses rely on phone communication on a daily basis and need a service that is cheap and feature-rich. But individuals can also take advantage of what VoIP has to offer and there are a lot of VoIP providers that offer residential packages along with their business plans.

Best Review Guide has reviewed all the major VoIP service providers available on the market, for both business and residential use. We analyzed and reviewed all of them based on criteria such as price, features, customer support, versatility, performance and more. The number 1 residential VoIP service provider in our lineup is AXVoice.

AXVoice is a VoIP service provider that operates in the United States and in Canada. This VoIP provider offers residential VoIP plans, business VoIP and international plans as well.

What are the AXVoice plans for residential use?

AXVoice offers three residential VoIP calling plans: USA/Canada Unlimited, US/Canada 200, Pay As You Go.

USA/Canada Unlimited is one of the three residential plans and it is priced at $8.25 per month. This plan includes unlimited calls to anywhere in the United States and Canada.

US/Canada 200 is another option to go and this one is priced at $5.99 per month. In this price you get 200 minutes anywhere in the United States and Canada.

The third plan offered by AXVoice is Pay As You Go. With this plan you pay $4.99 per month and you can call anywhere in the United States and Canada. You only have to pay for the calls you make and those have a minimal rate of 1.5 cents per minute. Incoming calls are free.

All three plans include free equipment.

You are also protected by a 15-day money back guarantee offered by AXVoice with all plans.

In addition to these national residential plans, AXVoice also offers international VoIP calling and there are two residential plans to choose from: Residential International and Residential International Plus.

Residential International is the more affordable option and it is priced at $16.58 per month. With this plan, you get unlimited international VoIP calling to over 45 destinations worldwide. Residential International also includes call forwarding & blocking, online account management, free equipment.

Residential International Plus is the second plan and it is priced at $29.99 per month. With this plan, you get unlimited international VoIP calling to more than 60 destinations worldwide. The same benefits are included as in the Residential International plan.  

In our AXVoice  VoIP review you can see that they are offering more than 30 VoIP calling features and these features are all available to all their customers, regardless of the plan they opt for. In fact, the difference between plans lies in the number of minutes included and not in the number of features included.

AXVoice includes all the important VoIP features and you also get more advanced ones, too. Here are some of the most important features offered by AXVoice:

  • 7, 10, 11-digit dialing
  • Three-way calling
  • E911 support
  • Music on hold
  • International call blocking
  • Call waiting, call forwarding, call filter
  • Do not disturb
  • Blacklist
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Call logs
  • Softphone support
  • Enhanced voicemail and many more