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What makes a good Voice over Internet provider? Features to consider

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated September 7, 2020

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Rewiring the type of communication that we are using is an excellent manifestation that innovation and something really amazing to see. Putting the word into the front row of our business services makes it a really tedious task for us to do, especially in the VoIP industry. Nowadays, as the internet has its changing morph that everyone should be aware of, the term ‘good’ will never be enough. So, if you want to settle for this kind of communication, whether in your personal project or business proposal, you need to find the rough diamonds a.k.a., the best predictors for these internet telephony services. Our list goes with the best and easy-to-reach characteristics you should consider when finding your ideal voice over Internet provider. There is no brand bias because we are only giving examples and their features so that you can be creative and mindful with choosing your own VoIP service.

Cheaper service cost

You need not to panic just because of the internet connection being involved in the whole VoIP process. In fact, you will only pay for this, and yes, it is done! Calls operated from the traditional radio waves can cost you bucks, apart from its maintenance and installation, but in VoIP, you will worry mostly about the Internet connection per se and the knowledge on how to deal with digital calls. The only thing that makes VoIP run its operations is through bandwidth measured by bytes per second (bps) maneuvered by Wi-Fi or any data packet. Because of this simplicity, many small to large-scale businesses praised its low operation-related cost as it is indeed a significant cut-off in funds. Moreover, some well-known VoIP providers have offered a monthly subscription to their customers, inclusive of unlimited calls and other distinct benefits. The Internet is undoubtedly a good friend and a bridge to enjoy a low maintenance VoIP service.

Best and reliable customer support system

As the Internet repeatedly reiterates, “connection is what brings us here,” the support system can easily be grasped in just a second. All VoIP providers should have an available help center as disadvantages along the operation can slip off. The good news is the interweb took a lot of effort and notice to this essential feature. These support desks almost operate 24/7 so that they can be on the look-out every time vulnerabilities arise. Essential guides like forums, FAQs, video lessons and webinars, live coaching, and downloadable white papers can significantly help to know more about what your service can offer. Some VoIP services, like 8x8 Virtual Office, have their Knowledge Base portal, which gives you featured topics and answers to questions that are associated with these features.

High-definition (HD) video conferencing and audio system

With the latest technology that we have right now, it is impossible for us to offer a high-quality service for our VoIP users. With that being said, these central features should be maximized big time. By using an Internet connection to carry on phone calls and transfer them as digital data, one can be sure that it has a high-definition (HD) quality. Some VoIP providers, such as Ooma, offer HD phone calls thanks to their excellent voice compression.

Meanwhile, other concessionaires, like Skype, leveled it up and held up HD video conferences that are needed for emergency business meetings and personal conversations. With this innovation, you cut off operation-related costs and contact time, while communication is just the same as you see each other virtually.

Integrating with different media platforms and applications

VoIP operations take so much more than just processing calls and transmitting them into data. As it is connected to the Internet, other processes are interconnected to one another. Attesting this, VoIP has become an avenue for different applications and platforms to lay theirs.

One mode of transmission for call transactions is email, which is why a majority of VoIP providers integrated this program to their architecture. RingCentral, a VoIP provider famous for its inexpensive installation and service cost, is also partnered with feature applications, one of which is Amazon Alexa, a virtual assistant and commander, Office 365 from Microsoft, Trello, a project management application for Android and Web, and MailChimp, an email marketing platform. Through a complete set of external refreshments, your VoIP will never go wrong with different demands you shoulder in every day’s work.

Adding distinct phone features

We chose VoIP over landlines for a very good reason: we are fed up with the usual features the latter offer. Through selecting the better one, we can enjoy some highlights that the others cannot or have a hard time to offer. Some VoIP characteristics include the multimedia capability (video, picture, and audio all at once), effortless scalability for business, add-ons such as call parking, find me routing, auto-attendant, call forwarding, analytics, recording, and data transmission), and a lot more aspects to cover. Another concern for businesses is the faxing. However, VoIP providers found a new way to give the feature its new niche and introduced a paperless, digital fax machine. Vonage, also a leading provider of VoIP services, offers a monthly plan for faxing services which promise businesses a hassle-free and all-integrated scanning of important data now in virtual.

Practical usage of bandwidth

Like we already mentioned on the other topic, bandwidth is responsible for transmitting call recordings as data to other platforms. What seems to be good with this mode of transferal is it consumes a smaller amount of bytes per second than the traditional landline we used to use. Transmission is achieved after the analog call recording is encoded digitally via codecs, and decompressed again when the data has reached its destination. Internet connection, an independent variable to predict the efficacy of the bandwidth, does introduce features to lessen the consumption, such as the exclusion of dead air moments to the data, and the usage of the Wi-Fi connection to cater HD videos and audio as the connection transfers data faster in a short period.