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What is the cost of Phone Power VoIP?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated September 1, 2020

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VoIP or Voice-over-Internet Provider is the next generation of telecommunications that allows cross-platform calling (PC to mobile and vice-versa), softphone compatibility, and more. 

Phone Power is a VoIP service established back in 2005. The company is headquartered in the US and it is renowned for its award-winning customer support that has agents based within the country. Phone Power can accommodate both residential customers and big-businesses, thanks to the fact that their plans are flexible in terms of both price and included features.

PhonePower Pricing

Phone Power offers a home phone service that lets you keep your current number, has mobile phone compatibility, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. With Phone Power, you can enjoy unlimited calls in both the US and Canada. 

Here are their pricing plans for the USA/Canada Unlimited Calling:

The first option allows you to pay for the entire plan one year in advance. It is priced at $8.33 per month for a whole price of $174.05 along with emergency 911 recovery fee, regulatory recovery fee, federal, state, and local services fee, and shipping/handling fee.

This plan gives you unlimited calls in all states within the US, in Puerto Rico and Canada. It also comes with 60 free minutes of international calls every month. With this plan, you can also keep your current number for free. You can cancel your plan after 30 days in case you are not satisfied with their services. It also has a free activation and a free cloned second line. 

The same plans can also be availed for a different duration of payment. The second plan allows you to pursue this plan but with only a 1-year contract that lets you pay the plan for $9.95 per month. Including the fees, each month is priced at $30.02 for the whole month and $15.07 for the subsequent ones. The final price for the whole plan is $195.79. This plan includes all of the features of the first plan. 

The third plan allows you to have the same features without having a contract. The price for this plan is $19.95 per month. Along with fees, the price is $41.18 for the first month. The subsequent months are priced at $26.23 each. This plan is recommended for those who will only need to use the service occasionally. 

Unlimited World Plus and Unlimited World Premium with PhonePower

Aside from the USA/Unlimited Calling Plans, you can also avail their unlimited world plans. This is mostly recommended for those who will be making calls to numbers outside of the US and Canada. These plans include a lot of features such as:

  • Unlimited international calling – This lets you call numbers outside the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The number of countries that you can call increases depending upon the plan that you are planning to pursue 
  • The service lets you keep your current number for free, so you can make an easy transition from an older service
  • It also has a mobile phone app to maximize convenience
  • You can also send faxes through their application. This removes the need to get a whole other online faxing service as it is already integrated 
  • The activation of the service is free
  • You can also have a free cloned second line

The pricing for these plans depends upon the number of countries that will be catered to. All of these do not require a contract to be signed which allows you to freely cancel your subscription any time you want.

The first plan is the Unlimited World Plan which lets you contact up to 28 countries. It is priced at $19.95. It also comes with fees such as Emergency 911 Cost Recovery, Regulatory Recovery Fee, Federal, State, and Local Services Fee, and Shipping/Handling Fee. Along with these, the final price for the first month is $41.18. The subsequent months are then priced at $26.23.

The second plan is called Unlimited World Plus Plan. It lets you broaden the choice of countries you can call to up to 75 countries. It is priced at $24.95. Along with fees, the final price is $46.76 with the subsequent payments priced at $31.81. 

The third plan is the Unlimited World Premium Plan. The list of included countries is 87. It is priced at $49.95. Along with fees, the final price is $74.67 with the subsequent months priced at $59.72.