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What is Axvoice?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated March 20, 2020

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The integration of both computer and phone communication in the business setting is slowly coming to all types of offices. Cross-platform calling is efficient and more convenient for both the customer and the business, after all. The service that allows this to happen is called a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. VoIP allows businesses to have access to features like portable numbers, E911 service, virtual numbers, voice mailbox, voicemail transcriptions, call logs, call hold music, and others. Axvoice is one of these services.

Axvoice are known for their countless features, their reliable quality, and their affordable price. Their features are available even with their base plan. Included here are more than 30 features that are usually sold separately from the main VoIP service for other companies. The following are some of the features of the service:

  • E911 – This allows users to be able to report their location instantly to 911. This is especially crucial for emergency situations.
  • International call blocking – You can block all calls coming from international numbers. This is because some of them may take up business hours or even be scams.
  • Codec – You are allowed to use G.711u, GSM, G.711a, or G.729 to zip data for saving bandwidth.
  • Simultaneous ringing – You can redirect ringing to your mobile phone, PC, or your Axphone. This allows you to be more flexible when answering calls.
  • Specific ID blocking – You can block specific numbers which you have information on. You can use their CNAM information to block them.
  • Caller ID – You can choose to show a specific ID from your account to show in the opposite party’s caller ID
  • Hold music – You can choose specific music to play while you hold
  • Do not disturb feature – If specific numbers are especially causing traffic in your line, you may choose to put them straight to voicemail in order for you to prioritize important calls
  • Anonymous call rejection – You can choose to reject phone numbers that are not stored in your database
  • Call blocking – Specific numbers can be blocked
  • Self device – You can choose to use your own device for you to use their VoIP services with
  • Voice mail management – Voice mail is easily transferred through the internet. You can also listen or delete them.
  • Call log – The history of your calls is displayed in real time. This includes missed calls, incoming calls, and old calls.
  • Softphone support – You can use a SIP softphone for their service
  • Reliable customer service – Their customer service is informative and reliable.

They also offer live chat for those that may prefer this. Their customer service is available in all forms (chat or call) for all plans. This is a big contrast from other services that only offer this to premium plans.

A subscription to Axvoice entitles you with a 15-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their services. Unlimited calls for up to 37 countries are also available. You can also choose to use your own device for their services.

Axvoice is easily one of the most affordable VoIP services on the market. Even with their price, they still offer a lot of features. A month costs $8.25 but can go as low as $4.99. Business plans are priced at $24.99 per month. Their 200-minute plan is priced at $14.99. Their international plans have additional costs that are charged by the minute.

Some common customer complaints included dropped calls that may cause delays in businesses. This is rather rare, though, as the quality of their calls is usually reliable.

Overall, Axvoice is best for those looking for an affordable VoIP service that is best for both the business and home setting. What make them even better are the features that they offer even for those taking their most basic plan. This is a huge difference in comparison to other services that are a little bit strict in terms of offered services for those that are availing of cheaper plans. The quality of their service is also reliable and oftentimes functional. Aside from this, you are given the chance to be able to try their services for 15 days and bail out in case you are disappointed.

Selling point: Axvoice is best for those looking for a lot of features for a low price

Pros of AXVoice: They offer a lot of features, reliable and high-quality calls, a money back guarantee, informed customer service, and service to up to 37 countries

Cons: Some customers complain of the service sometimes having dropped calls which may be harmful to businesses.