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What are the features of VoIP?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated June 24, 2020

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Voice Over Internet Protocols, otherwise called VoIPs are the future of communication.

One might ask, how so? The name sounds unfamiliar and it might even sound complicated and too techy for the common people. However, you may not notice that you have been using them for a long time already!

Basic apps like Viber and Messenger are the most prominent examples of this. The very same app you use to communicate with friends and family have long been harnessing this technology.

Voice over Internet is basically communication through the use of internet, which will be able to call across other platforms. Computers can call cell phones, landlines (with adapters) can call computers, and so on and so forth. The possibilities of this technology reach heights!

There are tons of benefits for using them: cheaper international calls, more dynamic communication, and tons of features.

The question lies, however, with what exactly are the features of this technology and how does it differ from other communication platforms?

  • Ease of communication

If you happen to be stuck with only a cell phone, a landline, or a computer and worry about how to call another gadget that is not the same as yours, worry not. One of the main features of Voice Over Internet Protocol is cross-platform calling. 

This can be helpful in both casual and business scenarios. In businesses, costs for installing many types of communication platforms may skyrocket without this technology. With the innovation of this technology, ease of communication is ensured.

  • Capability to have many types of interaction

Nowadays, communication through gadgets is not limited anymore to listening to faceless audio. With Voice over Internet, users can access video-calling. This is especially helpful for those that want a face-to-face interaction with the other user. This will help make calls much more personal and interactive.

If you feel shy, however, there is no need to worry. You can still call a person who wants to record his/her face while talking while you yourself talk only through the mic. It’s a win-win situation for you and the other person you are talking to.

Voice over the Internet Protocol upgrades communication not only with their technology, but also with their interface, which is both cool and colourful (seen in examples like Messenger and Skype). This is a big contrast from the rather bland delivery of non-VoIP examples.

With VoIPs, one can even use filters and animations that are sure to make conversations with friends lighter. This leads to longer conversations, friendlier mood, and an overall greater atmosphere for communication.

Worried that your calls abroad will cause huge payments later on? Voice over the internet protocol providers are the solution for this as their services, if used correctly, can make such calls essentially free. Just make sure to have both parties at the end of the lines online and connected to the internet and you’re good to go. If people were still dependent on landline, costs will be surging with every minute that passes by. With this great technology, you’re free to call and talk at any time you want for as long as you like.

In the Philippines for example, a country with a great population of those who are working overseas, the use of Voice Over Internet is basically a necessity for the families to communicate with their loved ones. Because of the technology, the only thing that will hinder communication is the time-zones in between the countries that separate two users from each other.

  • Corporate uses

Old-fashioned means of communication that involve the use of copper wires have already been taken over by this new technology. 80% of telephone exchanges serving private corporations have been using this technology internationally. This shows a need for the technology in the corporate setting, one that needs a constant flow of information and communication in order to work properly. The presence of this type of innovation also allows companies to record customers log and complaints in order to review them later. This may also be used to assess employee performance and output.

This is also beneficial for businesses which frequently receive calls on a 24/7 basis. Examples are call-center agencies, fast-food companies, and the like.

  • Dynamic calls

Aside from its capability to make video calls to people from all around the world, VoIP can also make calls to groups of people. Some quick examples of this include Google Hangouts and Group Chat Video calls in Messenger. This presence of many people makes calls much more dynamic.

With all of this in mind, one can really see the advantages of using Voice over Internet.  It can change the whole way of communicating virtually.

It is not only the future of business communication, but of communication as a whole.