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What are the best VoIP companies for you workplace usage?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 2, 2021

Voip in the office


VoIP is a great addition to your office communication set-up. It removes the need for landline phones and instead creates an online platform that can call across many devices such as mobile phones, computers, and more. This service comes with a lot of features that can simplify the whole process. This is fit for all business settings, both small and corporate level. This can be seen with the inclusion of phone statistics, call queuing, multiple account management, and more. Transitioning to this service is very easy as it allows you to use old numbers which you can integrate into their system. This article is a quick guide on the best companies for office communication using VoIP technology.


What factors should you consider?

There are a lot of factors that you should prioritize before choosing a company to subscribe to. After all, most come with a contract that has a lock in period of 12, 24, or 36 months.

First, a good trial period should be available from the company. Through this, you can check the quality of their interface, calls, and customer service. You can also ask your employees whether they prefer the service. Most companies allow you to gain access to all of their features but with limited minutes. Through this, you can be sure that they are a perfect match for you before you start subscribing to them.

Next, they should have a good set of features for office use. Included in our favorites are having easy management for multiple users, having an easy interface, and the inclusion of audio and video conferencing. This allows office meetings to be done conveniently even at home.

The service should also have a good uptime rate to ensure that it is good for communicating with both customers and business representatives. A thorough read of customer reviews can give you an idea on what companies have stable technologies that allow reliable calling.

The following are some of the best VoIP companies that we have reviewed for business settings.

Our top choices for VOIP phones at your work


RingCentral is a known company for office communication all around the worl. They offer four pricing plans that depend upon the size of the company needing them. This includes the Essentials package, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate. This differs in terms of exact features but generally has a lot of included minutes, SMS messages, and users included. We found their deal to be friendly even for their most affordable plan, allowing 20 users to gain access to it.

Their services are easily integrated to office applications such Google Suite, Microsoft Office, ZenDesk, Salesforce, and more.

RingCentral has advanced features integrated into the application. First, they have Glip which is an app for easy video and audio meetings. It has both a mobile and desktop application. Office communication is easy here because of its design that allows integration of projects and threads of conversation. The service allows conferences containing up to 200 people in full HD mode. This can also be set up with passwords for maximum privacy.

RingCentral even integrates AI into their system through XSELL. This is catered towards sales agents and helps in formulating strategies, monitoring performance, and to create discussions with clients.

All of these are contained in an interface that is easy to browse through and comes with helpful icons, guides, and descriptions.


Nextiva also comes with four plans. These can be used with a number that is either toll-free or local. These plans include Essential, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. These are also catered based on the size of your office. They offer their plans in a contract ranging from 12, 24, or 36 months. Even in their most affordable plan, they still include unlimited online faxing and additional applications which makes it very worth it. They also have good integration with office applications.

Included in their advanced features is having an auto-attendant that can help you manage your calls and which we found very helpful. They can also transcribe your voicemails for you. The service can allow unlimited participants in a video and audio conference which is one of the best features that we have seen. Their ultimate plan has additional tools for improving sales and CRM solutions. Their whole interface can be managed using the NextOS which is very well-designed. It is smart in its display of features and can also be easily customized. Callers can be easily differentiated and sorted out. They also have a mobile application where most of these features are available.

Ooma Office

Ooma offers two pricing plans, Ooma Office and Ooma Office Pro. The good part about the service is that most of its features are good for both pricing plans and only differ in terms of number of minutes. The application comes with a mobile application that makes communication easy no matter where you are. They have a lot of handy features such as voicemailing, extension dialing, ring groups, and more. They have a simple interface that is largely customizable and easy to use for both desktop and mobile applications. It has an accessible FAQ for users to learn how features work.


Choosing the best VoIP service can do a great deal for office communication. To choose the best company, users should look for those with a good balance of price and features. For this, our best choice is RingCentral because of its flexible pricing plans and its use of the Glip application for calls and AI. It is closely followed by Nextiva which has a very good user interface where its features are easily used. Last but not the least is Ooma Office which has straightforward pricing plans that both give a lot of features for users.