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What are the best-reviewed VoIP services?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 14, 2021

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Voice over Internet Protocols or VoIP are the technology that allows voice communication over the internet and through other similarly structured computer networks. This is where digital telephony systems are based. It is very easy to set up and is more convenient compared to the classic landline and mobile networks. This is why it is preferred by businesses.


The best VoIP services can be assessed based on the following:

  • Pricing – The best services are available for both home and office use. Users prefer those with flexible pricing plans that enable them to adjust based on their usage and needs.
  • Quality of service – The quality of calls refers to how clear the communication is to both parties. Having less dropped calls proves a higher service’s quality.
  • Customer support – Having delays with the service must be instantly fixed on the provider’s end. This is because it is important especially for offices to not have any dead hours of service for its customers.

The best VoIPs

  1. RingCentral – The first on the list is RingCentral. This is best known for being entirely cloud-based which allows maximum user convenience and integration to many business applications such as MS Office 365, ZenDesk, and DropBox. It is very reliable and stable as it has a lot of available servers that ensure high quality of calls. They also have a mobile application.

They do not require their users to purchase contracts which enables users to cancel subscription once dissatisfied with their service. They also have great customer support capable of answering inquiries instantly.

  1. RingCentral Enterprise – RingCentral is known for having a lot of integrations and custom API which enables customizability for users. It is also known for having one of the best security systems, with about seven layers of security.

Another highlight of RingCentral is that it enables team collaboration. It allows fully high definition conferencing. It also has international numbers for over 70 countries which enable better communication all across the globe.

  1. Nextiva – Nextiva is another VoIP known for its high customizability that is good for both small and large businesses. This is because their features are plentiful for all of their pricing plans.

Nextiva uses NextOS which is a management platform that enables you to control functionality settings quickly. It also has a lot of features and addons that makes it flexible for the needs of any business. They also have a good customer support.

  1. – This is one of the most affordable VoIP services. Even with its price, it has a high quality of service. It also has good international call rates. To make sure that users can use the most of their hardware, you can link phones that are not capable of accessing the internet to their network.
    The only downside to their service is unstable network and the lack of a video call feature.

  2. AXVoice – AXVoice is another VoIP service known for being affordable. They offer free equipment for their users and also a 15-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their services. Their service is very easy to set up. They also have a mobile application for maximum user convenience.

They are friendly for both Residential and Business use.

The only downsides to their service are the inconsistent customer support and the lack of a video conferencing feature.

  1. OnSIP – OnSIP is the best VoIP for businesses and residential users who are not constantly using their phone service. This is because their pricing depends on metered and unlimited plans. This enables you to avoid paying for anything even if you don’t use their service for a long time. Even the features are sold separately as addons which can be bought and cancelled later on.

However, this may be recommended for all as some may prefer better pricing for constant usage. Aside from this, the company doesn’t have a mobile application.

  1. Ooma – Ooma is a VOIP based in Silicon Valley, renowned for providing a wide range of features targeted towards big and small businesses. They are entirely cloud-based which allows flexibility and convenience for users. They are known for providing a lot of hardware such as multi-line ATAs. Their pricing plans are also great for its quality and are flexible depending on usage.

Their small business plan starts at $19.95 per month.

The only downside to their service is inconsistent customer service that is frequently complained to be slow. Their service may also be bad for those with slower internet connection.