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What are some good VoIP service providers?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated June 24, 2020

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Nowadays, landline just won’t cut it as a steady source of communication for both the household and the business setting. It is non-dynamic, available only on a single platform, and too basic for today’s busy world.

Fortunately, the development of Voice over Internet Protocol (otherwise known as VoIP) gives a solution for all that. This edge-cutting tool basically gives its users unlimited access to cross-platform calls, network-controlled transactions, and more features. Not to mention, it also offers unlimited international calls for online communication.

Have you made up your mind and decided to finally try this new technology? Here are some of its prominent and best-rated examples:

  1. Skype

Skype established itself as a big player with this technology mainly because they have been one of the pioneers in this technology. As long as both parties are online, unlimited and free communication in both the form of chats and video-calling can be accessed.

Skype is mostly used by users for casual conversations, but at the same time, by businesses that need constant interactions with international clients or workers. This has eased the lives of thousands of online employers with their friendly user-interface, crystal-clear (high internet connection needed) video quality, and top-notch audio. Along with this is its easy usage and established brand.

Now owned by Microsoft, Skype expanded their services across platforms like Xbox and Linux. Even with this, the price for this service remains cheap and affordable for many.

  1. Vonage

Vonage is one of the earliest providers of the technology in North America, and therefore, established itself quite firmly in the game. It is mainly known for its trademark of having a landline-like platform, but with the advantage of VoIP. It has a standard plan that allows users to call Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and USA for only 10$.

It still goes by landline’s traditional payment of charging fees for international calls, so first-time buyers must take note of it. Its features and its reliability still give it an advantage, though.

  1. Google Hangouts

Google is an innovator in the field of communication. It has established itself through Google Drive, Outlook, and countless other programs. One of these services is the Hangouts.

Android users may be familiar with this technology already, as Google already installs this as a part of the software. It is built in the likes of Skype, albeit, with a friendlier and much more casual interface with the touches of Android. It is also reliable as a business platform for communication.

What gives this an edge is its ease of use as a Gmail account is the only requirement for signing into this service.

  1. Ooma

Though not free, it levels itself with its competitors with its unlimited usage after having consumers buy a 90$ router. Once bought, users will be able to have unlimited calls all throughout USA, an advantage that will serve as a benefit for one-time buyers.

For business, Ooma offers phones that are of enterprise-quality, which is aimed for a professional look. Aside from this, features like home security and free home phone service is offered.

  1. RingCentral

On a business perspective, large-scale funding for communication reaps bountiful rewards for VoIPS. The only needed thing, however, is a good service to be picked. RingCentral comes on top even with its high pricing because of its all-out features and maximum capabilities.

It boasts smooth workflow processes, used in both Android and iOS, high customization, and other features that increase productivity. For small to medium businesses, this will be a good start-up for investing.

  1. 8x8 Virtual Office Pro

Same with the earlier example, 8x8 is also made with business use in mind. However, it is not as expensive as its closest competitor, for it features flexible payment. Like in an actual phone contract plan, these will be paid on a monthly basis, and in a span of two-three years, become fully for the buyers.

8x8 still offers the same features as VoIP with better quality. Unlimited calls for USA and Canada are also allowed, music-on-hold, good desktop mobility, and others are part of the service as well.

Skype and Google Hangouts, for the most parts, are well-known for their accessibility and ease of use, which has earned them the favour of household use. However, Skype branches out along with Vonage, Ooma, Ring Central, and 8x8 with being business-class VoIPs that remain consistent and improving through every passing innovation.

If you happen to be deciding which service you should choose, you should definitely check the advantages and promotions of each company on their own website. The main purpose, however, which is to communicate without borders and with ease of access, is a defining trait for each of these brands.