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The Features of VoIP

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated June 24, 2020

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Businesses commonly use email as their mode of communicating with their clients or co-businessmen. Email makes it easy to disseminate a message, but sometimes there’s more to that of an email that makes us feel not contented. There are things that need more than just an email to be conveyed the way we want them to be. In line with this, the usage of sending messages through the internet or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become a trend for people who wish to make their life and business more comfortable and more convenient.

Below are features that various providers offer for your business:

Conferencing or Unified Communications by using Voip technology

Conferencing also known as Unified Communications, permits the user to see if a customer is active or not. It allows the operator to make calls or meetings to two or more people and talk to them all at once. This is essential for businesses that aim to communicate over long distances. Conferencing is a convenient way of communicating for it takes less effort and consumes less time than expected. Through this, you can easily reach out others without having to meet with them personally. VoIP providers allow users to do conferencing not only utilizing calling but also by messaging, sending files, sharing presentations and proposals, and collaborating with lists of events or calendar.

Find me call routing with Voip

In this feature, the system tries to locate the user and send the call to the accessible medium which is close or being used. This feature is favourable to the costumer of the user if used in business transactions. When the find me feature located at the first call that you may have left the office, the next call will be sent to your mobile phone to let you know that someone has been calling you. In case of inaccessibility to locate you, a voicemail will be directly sent to the caller. The list of numbers that will be used to find you will depend on the list that you will provide.

Security while using Voip

It is for sure that many leading VoIP providers offer this feature. The stronger this feature, the better. You must know what a VoIP provider has stored for you to protect your IT resources and to prevent hackers from entering your system.

Remote Office

You and your employees cannot be present every day from day 1 to last. There are circumstances in which you cannot make it to the office, just like when there is a strong storm or a snowy day. Sometimes you will regret having to stay at home because you all feel well but you cannot do business. This feature will then fix the system and will distribute the calls by redirecting them to the numbers given so that you will be able to answer all of the calls just like on a typical day.

Vendor’s reliability

Vendor’s reliability is essential to a business owner but not for a provider. Some providers are only there in times of good terms but can’t be found when you need help. Vendor reliability is the ability of the VoIP provider to be reliable and to respond to your needs. The most important thing about this is how the provider does the work to prevent some major issues in your system and how they react when such occurrence happens.

Auto attendant

This feature is like a virtual employee. It shows your customer a menu which he/she can choose from. This menu will then lead the customer to a certain extension that he may want to know or to visit. This makes it more convenient than having to email to satisfy their questions about your services or business.

Administration Control Panel

The Administration Control Panel makes your system complete for it is where you can access all the information in your system. It includes the user account, user information, call logs and system configuration.

Call analytics with Voip usage

Call analytics lets you know the current standing of your business regarding some matters. This determines customers’ satisfaction level. It is the key to your improvement, so that you will know where you stand out, which part you need to retain, or what needs improvement. Evaluating your service will be the key to urge you to improve your service. It is a necessity to know your customers’ concerns from time to time.

Coaching tools

Being asked the same questions, again and again, is tiring. If you use the VoIP for business and your clients are always accepting calls, you are frequently asked on how to decide whether to hang up on a client or not. Instead of being asked you can give them the advice on call. There are two ways to do the coaching tools, the barge and the whisper.

On the one hand, a barge is listening to the conversation of your agent and a client without interrupting them and without the client knowing. There is then an alert that you can decide to do or not to do. On the other hand, whisper allows you to provide tips, advice and information to your employees while the client is still online without knowing that you are listening.

Music on hold

It is not really a necessity for your business, but it makes your business stand out. Talking with a client frequently needs for them to hold on the line when you are checking for something for a while, and it is very dull to leave your customer with a boring ‘on hold’ sound. This feature allows you to customize it into beautiful music so that your customers will not be bored waiting for you to follow up.

Call screening with RingCentral Voip

There are times when you will not open your business and when that happens your VoIP provider will send emails to your customers. Under call, screening is a feature where you are being allowed to filter your callers. The system will enable you to look at the number and ID of the caller. After that, you will organize the caller by whatever label or treatment you want to give them. This feature involves blocking numbers that are not really connected to you or people that you do not want to talk to. The system then will automatically invalidate the user once he/she attempted to call you again; while the people who are close or personally attached to you will be redirected to your personal number once he/she called.