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The Best Voice over Internet Providers

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated March 27, 2020

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RingCentral is a voice over internet provider with physical architectures located in Europe, Asia and United States. They have the new Al integration and provide features of a good voice over internet provider for business communications. The cons are just that you may encounter several integration problems, hardware is a little costly, and there are some missing features at times.

RingCentral is a total package provider because of its good cloud PBX solution and also because of its intelligence integration.

Voynage Business Cloud

Vonage Business Cloud offers amazing supervisory features. It is also known for its fast mobile apps and its calling functionality. They also have improved API integration that is now made better than it was before. The only common downfall is that they offer add-on features which sometimes cost extra.

Vonage Business Cloud extends services from small to middle sized business. Management capabilities and broad impressive features are what make them a must- try voice over internet provider.

Intermedia Unite

A full blown uptime that comes with a financially baked service- level agreement is the pledge of Intermedia Unite. Intermedia Unite also offers an in-depth and evolutionary feature set. Because of their improved admin console, hosted mail and management of Microsoft Office 365 becomes overwhelmingly possible. Some features are just not yet available for some of their costumers for they are still on the process of upgrading for the betterment of the service.

Businesses who seek dependable cloud PBX will not be disappointed because Intermedia Unite has all it takes to satisfy your essentials, from its platform to its wide range of features.

Mitel MiCloud

Mitel MiCloud is a voice over internet provider with fixed collaboration. It is known for its impressive mobile app and analytical contacts search. Mitel MiCloud services include intrusive VoIP, messaging, calling, and video chat features. Their CRM integrations consist of a long list you can choose from. The cons are there’s no speech-to-text dictation and their per-user pricing is comparatively high.

Despite the fact that Mitel MiCloud is a little pricier than the usual provider, it is also reasonable for the fact that they compromise admirable features, a long list of integrations, and a fine play on mobility.

NetFortris Fonality

NetFortris Fonality is a Voice over internet provider that offers one-on-one supported system with numerous deep call routing and call-center features. Precisely ample heads-up-display communications application is also being served by Fonality. It is just that Fonality might be excessively complex and expensive for small business that don’t need too much features and just need simple PBX functionality.

Full-on cohesive communications to an exceptional selection of hardware choices, everything you need is in store and prepared for you. NetFortris Fonality service has all it takes to be one of the best VoIP providers. It is more than just a voice over internet provider, it also embodies a good Cloud PBX provider.

Ooma Office

Ooma office compromises both Android and iOS app that carry significant features to mobile phones. It entails good online documentation, 24x7 support, and support for current analog phones. Its low-cost solution is the main reason why Ooma Office is being recognized as one of the best voice over internet providers, its budget-friendly price persuades people to be their customers. It is just that Ooma Office doesn’t offer softphone client for Macs or PCs. Unlike others, Ooma only provides a restricted selection of IP phones.

Because of its affordable price, Ooma Office is favourable for small-sized businesses that are merely looking for a simple yet full-pack Cloud PBX entry that will gratify their essentials. Though it doesn’t entail some of the features that the more advanced providers have, availing Ooma is enough for an agreeable price without a hectic contract.


Dialpad becomes one of the best voice over internet providers for it requires scales up or down with less work, nice maintenance for both iOS and Android mobile phones, and it is very stress-free to manage and to set up. The concerns about the service are the call quality and the default settings that noticeably demand adjusting.

Dialpad offers concrete features while concentrating on mobility and integration with the help of other applications. Unified communications and VoIP keep on growing because of the applications like Dialpad.


Regardless of the minimal frail areas in administration and electronic white boarding, eVoice still remains one of the best Voice over internet providers. eVoice is an experienced video conferencing key that deserves a chance to be tried by small to middle sized businesses that need this service. It offers toll-free dial-in numbers, minutes that are included in the organization, and it can share screen with up to 2,000 of its users. Free trial of their service obliges the user to input credit card on file to assure that once you exceed the free trial you are going to pay every time you use the service.

Microsoft Skype

Skype services include video and audio recording in calls and upkeep up to 250 attendees in a virtual meeting. Skype lets its users to keep in touch with another user by means of putting their phone numbers that will serve as their way to contact one another. If you find yourself in need of handling business matters but lacking the ability to use more complex features, Microsoft Skype is always there to satisfy your needs.  Microsoft Skype is not a full- fledged VoIP platform so other features that other Voice over internet providers offer might not be present in Microsoft Skype.


VoIPo is a business VoIP provider that allows you to interact and call users in the United States and Canada. The VoIPo company is a privately owned voice over internet service provider that delivers great customer service.

VoIPo allows users to make virtual unlimited calls for an affordable price on a regular phone, which makes the need of having a computer less important. Their service includes Caller ID to be identified easily when using voice over internet. Call waiting, three way calling, advanced voicemail, telemarketer block, outbound call routing, and call forwarding are just some of the features that Voipo is offering. Voipo services are composed of over 40 absurd calling features with free adapter lease, free shipping, and free adaptation.