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RingCentral Residential VoIP Overview

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated March 20, 2020

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Residential and home-based businesses nowadays need a lot of communication to be able to reach out to their customers. As more and more people prefer home-based businesses and transactions, online communication is slowly becoming a necessity. VoIP services are especially useful nowadays as they allow their customers to have unlimited calls, cross-platform calls, and useful features like call logs and online faxing.

RingCentral is one of the most known VoIP service providers, its creation tracing back to 2003. They are known for being business focused and their features are especially helpful for most. They are known to cater to both residential businesses and enterprises. Their tools and features help differentiate them from other services.

Essentials Plan for RingCentral 

This plan is best for houses with a family that may want to use it for their small business. It is priced at $19.99 per month. It includes every basic feature that can be seen in a VoIP service. You are given a mobile app that is available both in Android and iOS phones. This makes it easier for you to do cross-platform calls. You are also entitled to 100 minutes of toll-free calls, unlimited phone calls, SMS, call management and 24/7 customer support. It can be used with up to 10 users. You can also do both audio and video meetings limited to four people.

Standard Plan

RingCentral’s plan that is most friendly for home-based businesses and residences is the standard plan priced at $24.99 priced monthly. This is recommended for those who have a small business. It gives you a lot of features like integration to mobile through an application available for both iOS and Android phones, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and integration to services like, Zendesk, and Salesforce. You are also given log reports and an auto-attendant that can redirect calls from customers. Additional features include an online fax and log reports.

The pricing for the standard plan is quite different from the Essentials plan. The $24.99 price is for those who will be pursuing an annual contract that will have two or more users. If only a single user will use it, a charge of $39.99-49.99 per month will be given. The price for this is reduced as you add more users for the plan.


The features of RingCentral are friendly for small businesses. A standout feature of it is its 24/7 customer support that can easily answer the questions of most even after business hours. This allows customers to be able to voice out their concerns without interfering with their working hours.

Another good feature is the auto-attendant feature which allows customers to be redirected to a specific person you need to contact. It is quite easy to understand and to use. It has optional multilevel function that customers can navigate through to be able to choose a specific extension. It is also easy to redirect callers to voicemail.

A downside, however, is the lack of unlimited minutes for international calls. Most VoIP providers actually offer this service, some offering unlimited minutes for up to 30 countries that you can call. RingCentral doesn’t offer this and instead, puts additional costs for calling internationally. This applies even to Puerto Rico which some services consider as local. This may be unfriendly for smaller businesses that will regularly need to call internationally.


The interface for RingCentral is clean and modern. Their icons are easy to read and understand. The most common parts that can be seen on a platform like account information and call logs are easily recognized. There is an overall motif that makes it friendly for office use.

Quality of calls with RingCentral Voip

The quality of calls is a very important part of a VoIP service. RingCentral doesn’t fail to deliver high-quality calls for both local and international ones. The quality of meetings for both audio and video types is also reliable and comprehensive for all users.

Overall impressions of RingCentral

Overall, RingCentral is a recommendable VoIP Service for residential and small business users. Their features are all usable and unique. The quality of calls is also good. The only downside that may be seen is their lack of a feature for unlimited international calls which other VoIP services offer.