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Nextiva for Small Businesses – Here’s our honest review

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated March 20, 2020

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The use of Voice over Internet Protocol services or VoIP is slowly becoming a necessity for offices no matter the size. This is because they allow users to be able to communicate to customers faster and more flexibly. Users are also given a wide range of features like online faxing, video meetings, and unlimited calling for both local and international areas. Nextiva is a known name in the VoIP industry.

Nextiva is known for being one of the best VoIP systems because of its high quality of calls, number of features, good pricing, and flexible plans. Their pricing plans are flexible for both small and big businesses. Some of their most prominent features include addition and removal of lines, a simple interface, extension dialling, call routing, and call forwarding. These, along with their reliable and helpful customer service, make them one of the best in the field.

Features of Nextiva

The standard features for Nextiva can be seen in their most basic pricing plan. Most of these features are available in most VoIP service providers while some are unique for Nextiva.

One of these is the Call Me Now tool that allows users to put a link in their business website that immediately connects to the main office. This makes it easier to speak with a business representative from the business’ side, making connection with customers easier for both sides.

Those who travel frequently for business trips will benefit from Nextiva Anywhere, a tool that allows employees to be able to connect to the business line using the phone of their choice. This may be a home phone or a mobile phone. This makes their service easier to reach and use.

Nextiva also has a mobile app that employees can use to communicate with both customers and co-workers. Notifications, calls (both audio and video), messages, and chats are easily seen through the application. It also shows you a log of your calls along with a directory of the company’s numbers. This makes the service friendlier for small businesses that may prefer doing business through phone. This also comes with a shared call appearance feature that allows multiple phones to be on the same line, making it easier for employees to call from different areas.

Although seldom used for smaller businesses, analytics is also available to be viewed. This analyses the calls of your company and the various elements in relation to it. Those pursuing the Enterprise plan are given more features for this.

The softphone feature allows you to use the microphone of your laptop, computer, or headphones to communicate through these gadgets. This allows you to work without needing to get your phone.

Pricing plans for Nextiva 

Two of the plans from Nextiva are friendly for small businesses. These include the Office Pro Plan and the Office Pro Plus.

The Office Pro Plan allows users to access Nextiva’s most basic features. Its price changes for every additional user ranging from 5 up to 100 and more. The most basic price is $34.95 per month with those pursuing a three-year commitment charged $32.95. For those with 5 to 19 users, the charge is decreased to $29.95 to $27.95 for those with commitments. Those with 20 to 99 users have their charges decreased to $24.95 or $22.95. Having more than a hundred users further reduces this to $21.95 or $19.95.

Office Pro Plus charges an additional $3 per user. This gives users a mobile app that allows them to use Nextiva even when far from office. Along with this are the following features: recorded greeting, team feature, and the Call Me Now tool.

Customer service

The transition from traditional phone systems and other VoIP services is made easier with Nextiva. They allow new users to carry over their phone numbers to the new system, making it easier to transition.

The customer support for Nextiva gives quality answers and is generally well-informed. The only downside is it only being available during 7 AM to 8 PM EST on weekdays and from 11 AM to 3 PM during Saturdays. In comparison to other VoIP services that offer a 24/7 customer support, this puts them at a lower tier. They make up for it by almost always giving live customer support and through their fast responses to live chats and emails.

Overall impression

Nextiva is one of the best VoIP services available today, because of its large array of features and its recommendable customer service. The quality of calls and the ease of using their services are also top-notch. Its pricing and flexibility of plans also makes them a friendly service even for small businesses.

The only downside that can be seen is their lack of a 24/7 customer support which may be a deal-breaker for some. They make up for it by giving quality replies to inquiries and concerns, though.