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How do you check the quality of your VoIP service?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated June 24, 2020

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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP services allow us to be able to communicate better both in the residential and the business setting. VoIP reduces the cost for additional communication infrastructure and speeds the process of reaching out to a wider range. It can be used within the office for meetings, for receiving calls from customers, and reach out all over the world. This is why it is a vital part of almost all businesses.

What makes a good VoIP?

The first thing that should be expected in a VoIP service is reliable call quality. This means that there should be almost no dropped calls within the business and the customer. This is because any cut communication between the two parties may result in the end of their transactions.

Aside from this, the quality of sound is also important to establish messages clearly. Information important in business must be told clearly. Some equipment may cause voice quality to suffer because they have a unique proprietary codec that compresses audio. This is to speed the process because of less bandwidth requirement.

Features are also important when choosing a provider. The number  of included features does not really matter much if none of them will be useful for your business. Some may offer tons of features for all of their plans but end up adding higher costs. Some may also offer features ‘a la carte’ but with higher prices for each. This is why you should check out pricing plans and included features as to be sure.

Lastly, the service must also have good customer service. This is because any type of errors and bugs in relation to communication will definitely lead to reduced communication. Lost communication is also lost profit. Some services offer this 24/7 but may only use unreliable bots to contact you. Some may offer representatives that are fully informed and detailed in guiding that are only available during specific hours.

How do I check the quality of my  Voip provider?

When problems with the VoIP service occur, most companies try to troubleshoot in the wrong places. Some may attribute these problems to bandwidth utilization, network issues, having multiple locations, and any problems in relation to hardware. There are many factors that may cause problems, which makes it harder to detect.

Engineers in the field of communication created the tool 8x8 which you can use to diagnose problems related to VoIP communication. Named the 8x8 Network Diagnostics Tool, the app allows you to see the performance of your network and phone service. It can be used for MS Windows computers. The tool first runs a test to see how your internet handles communication. The results tell you if connectivity and network issues are a factor for any hiccups. Factors in relation to VoIP like Media, Fragmentation, Trace Route, NAT, Ping, and DNS will each be reviewed.

The application can be downloaded on their website.

The 8x8 Network Diagnostics Tool allows you to see data traffic for up to 100 lines. You will choose the coverage of the test and the Codec setting. It opens a socket connection directly connected to your browser. It then simulates traffic to your computer to see how it performs whenever you use it.

Background info of 8x8

8x8 is mostly known for offering VoIP services that are innovative and reliable. They are an award-winning cloud communication system that caters to different businesses. They take pride in their 8x8 Virtual Office, 8x8 Virtual office prop, and the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, all of which are priced at competitive costs. The features included for each of them are also comprehensive. Some of these include online faxing, call recording, web conferencing, and a cloud-based contact centre solution. Because of their quality, they are used in a wide range of enterprises like insurance, healthcare, and the likes.

They also offer supplies for conference phones, IP phones, and video phones that can be used for video conferencing and virtual meetings.

Aside from its services, the company is also known to prioritize security in communication. They safeguard a user’s critical information and comply with security measures. They are aligned with industry standards including the following: ISO 27001, ISO 9001, CPNI, PCI Data Security Standard, and HIPAA.

The company is based in San Jose, California. Aside from offering the 8x8 cloud communication services, they also offer the Networks Diagnostic Tool for users to be able to troubleshoot errors in relation to your VoIP service.