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AXVoice Review – How good is this VoIP service?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated September 6, 2020

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Pros of AXVoice

  • Affordable prices that are friendly for home and office use
  • Wide range of features helpful for a variety of reasons
  • Customer service that is available 24/7 with representatives who are very informative
  • Can be used for both Android and iOS mobile phones

Cons of AXVoice

  • Its money-back guarantee does not return the fees that are spent on shipping and handling
  • Money-back guarantee must only be for those who didn’t exceed 15 days of service or 200 minutes of calls

Summary of AXVoice offerings

Axvoice is a recommended service for both home and office owners. It offers affordable prices and innovative features that come in handy. Its money-back guarantee isn’t so generous, though, so be sure to commit once subscribed.

Review of AXVoice

Axvoice is a VoIP service that allows cross-platform calls. For example, computers can use this service to call landline numbers and vice-versa. This is especially handy for those offices which will use it to communicate with customers.

Features of AxVoice

The best part about Axvoice are the features that they provide to their customers. 

For starters, Axvoice allows its users to use a device of their choice. This makes it easier to transition into their service coming from a traditional communication service.

They are also equipped with E911 which allows its user to instantly report to 911 their location for immediate response. To further increase security, you can also choose to block calls from international calls if this won’t be necessary for you. 

To save bandwidth, Axvoice uses G.711u, GSM, G.711a, and G.279 for zipping data. This is done to save bandwidth.

In the office setting, the simultaneous ringing feature allows users to be able to redirect the ringing of the mobile calls to other communication lines such as a PC or a mobile phone. This prevents calls from customers from being dropped. They can also set specific hold music. 

Homeowners will also take advantage of the Specific ID blocking feature that allows you to block specific numbers permanently. This is especially useful for those frequently called by telemarketers. 

You can also choose to see the specific caller ID of the number that is calling you to see if you should answer. 

There is also a do not disturb feature which allows users to put all incoming calls straight to voicemail in case there is a need to prioritize other numbers. You can also choose to reject any number that is not stored in your database and is completely anonymous. 

Pricing of AXVoice plans

Axvoice offers services for $8.25 per month for their most affordable plans. This can go as little as $4.99 depending on the length of subscription, though.

Their business plans start at $24.99 per month. The 200-minute plan is priced at $14.99 per month. In case you are planning to do international calls, additional costs will be charged. You can also avail for unlimited calls for up to 37 countries. 

In case you are not satisfied with your subscription, they currently offer a 15-day money-back guarantee. This will also depend upon the number of minutes of use you have already consumed, though.