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A helpful comparison of 2020’s best online faxing services

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 28, 2020

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Online faxing services allow users to send faxes through the internet. More offices and home businesses are starting to use this as an alternative for traditional fax machines because of its convenience and the abundance of features it has. First, it is connected to the internet which most of them already have. Next, it can be done through equipment that most businesses have including computers, laptops, and even mobile phones. Finally, its integration online makes its capable of including many helpful office tools such as digital signatures, multiple file formats, highlighters, and more.  

Here at Best Review Guide, we have listed the best services of 2020 based on factors that generally apply to most users such as the different features, their pricing plans, and the quality of their service. However, some users may have specific needs for their offices. Some may also be running on tight budgets and may only need services that doesn’t come with a lot of features but is more affordable. Let us compare the top-rated services and see which one fits you depending on your specific needs along with the highlights of each product. 

Our first choice – RingCentral Fax for Overall Quality

RingCentral is our top pick for online faxing because of its high-quality of service, their abundant plans, and their excellence in providing options for its users. The company was founded in 1999 in California and continues to expand its ventures to provide a wide range of services. RingCentral is also known for their VoIP telephony services which are often bought along with their online faxing services for a holistic communication set. Users looking for an immediate service, given that they do not have specific feature that it doesn’t have and also have the budget for it, are generally recommended to purchase a plan from RingCentral Fax.  When we did a review of all online of the services available we found it to be the best online fax service .

This is because they won’t be disappointed with what the service has. First, they can have numbers for up to 49 states along with the District of Columbia. They can also get toll-free numbers. They can also port their current faxing numbers to their service to make transition to their service easier. There is also no limit for the numbers that can be added to their plan. 

With RingCentral fax, users are not limited in terms of the files of the fax as the service accepts various file types such as bmp, jpeg, tiff, and more. This lessens user’s worry about the compatibility of the faxes and their service. These can then be accessed in both a desktop interface which contains the features of the service for sending and accepting faxes. They also have a mobile application to make it easier to manage your faxes. It can also be integrated with cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. They also have abundant allowances for the file sizes of their faxes. 

RingCentral has a secure encryption that ensures that the document you send and receive will always be secure. Their service is compatible for those looking for a HIPAA-compliant service.  

Recommended if:  

The service is recommended for those looking for the best service that excels in most areas of online faxing such as features, pricing, and security. 

Our second choice – HelloFax for Useful Features and Affordable Pricing

With Hellofax, users can avail of one free fax to be sent to another. This free feature alone can be enough for some who only needs to use it once and doesn’t need to receive a reply for it. This makes it an easy recommend for those looking for a free service. 

Aside from this, Hellofax has a lot to offer which makes it our second choice. First, the service has one of the most user-friendly interfaces for its web interface. Here, you can use your Google e-mail credentials which allow easy integration to its other apps such as Google Docs and Drive. This feature also enables you to add a cover page text and to be notified whenever a fax has been received. The digital signature feature of the application also makes it easy to simply imprint it on the specific document you want instead of having to print, sign, and then scan it again. 

Aside from its free plan, HelloFax offers multiple affordable plans which is compatible for API. They also have a unique system which makes international faxing more affordable. With them, each country has its own coefficient which will be added to the overall cost of your fax. The good news is that nearby European countries such as Spain and Germany are counted the same as USA-bound faxes, making it ideal to exchange faxes with them. 

It is also easy to integrate to their system. Users can have access to numbers for up to 50 states along with Washington DC. You can also port older numbers with a one-time fee of $15.  

One of the downsides of the service is that they do not have a mobile application which may be a dealbreaker for some. Aside from this, those who are planning to send faxes to countries on the opposite side of the globe may be charged more.  

Recommended if: 

The service is recommended if you want a free service with limited tools or want affordable plans that has direct integration with Google Services and has cheaper rates for faxing to nearby countries. 

Our third choice – Trustfax for Streamlined Features and Quality Customer Service

TrustFax is a premier choice for users looking for the best quality in terms of interface and faxing needs. Made by J2 Global, the fax is for those looking for top-notch reliability and customer support that is unparalleled by other services which puts it in a high spot in our list. The only downside to the service is its premier price that is not flexible for users and only offers up to 300 faxes per month. 

TrustFax has a simplicity in its service that any user can get instantly get familiar. Its interface is very streamlined and arranged to make it easy for users to use the features. The service also has a high uptime rate. With the service, everything is cloud-based which makes it easy to maintain your faxes and to be notified when you receive one. The service also offers a 30-day free trial for its plan. They also offer more affordable plans if you plan to pay annually. 

Users can have numbers local for up to 50 states. As stated above, their phone customer support is very reliable and knowledgeable for any questions. Users can also e-mail their inquiries.  

The service also accepts a lot of different file types such as PDF, JPG, HTML which lessens user’s need to convert their files for maximum compatibility. Users can integrate the service to their Microsoft Office applications to make it easier to send faxes instantly upon finishing making it. Sending and receiving faxes is very easy with the service as it automatically converts your files to whatever can be easily read by the recipient.  

Recommended if: 

The service is recommended for those looking for a service with an excellent interface that is especially helpful if you are not that used to the intricacies of the service. However, users must first ensure that they have the budget for the service. 

Our fourth choice – Sfax for Healthcare Providers and for Utmost Privacy

Sfax is a service that is most recommended for healthcare organizations. Initially launched by Scrypt Inc. for these organizations, they have now broadened their target customers by having more plans. They have managed to be the best in terms of offering security for the faxes. This is because healthcare organizations are required to be HIPAA-Compliant which is mainly concerned with the privacy for the documents that they exchange about their patients. All users can take advantage of this security which is why it is also recommended if this is your main priority in an online faxing service. 

Sfax comes with a friendly interface that can display the features in a simple way to make it easier for users to get familiar with it. The service comes with both local and toll-free numbers depending on your preference. You can also port existing numbers for a fee of $10. One of the downsides of the service, though, is that they do not have international faxing. 

Their pricing plans are adjustable for those looking for less or more pages to send and receive. Unfortunately, the service is on the higher end in terms of pricing mainly because of their former exclusivity for healthcare providers. The service has a free trial which users can take advantage of for up to 14 days. 

Recommended if: 

Sfax is another premier choice that is a must-have for those looking for absolute privacy and security in their faxes, especially for healthcare providers who need to comply with HIPAA standards. For others, though, the service may be expensive.