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8x8 Office Extension Dialing

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated April 16, 2021

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8x8 is a business phone service that enables your office to be connected to a cloud-based VoIP system. Its Virtual office plans are ready for modern transactions in today’s business. Their services are equipped with phone systems capable of global interactions, better office communication, and advanced technology.

Benefits of using 8x8 Virtual Office

Instead of having to use the traditional PBX systems for office communication, 8x8 integrates communication into a virtual office. Using communication through Cloud, you are given more features to use as for easier contacting in the office.

Included in their features are ring groups, extension dialing, call recording, and others.

These features allow you to connect to coworkers without difficulty. You can also do it no matter where you are through audio or video, using the web conferencing feature.

Their services can connect to others no matter of the device they use and their location of access. The only things needed are a mobile phone or a softphone that can connect to high-speed Internet.

Extension dialing

One highlight of 8x8 is Extension Dialing which lets you call anyone in your company’s system using a shortened number. The number can be shortened up to three, four, or five digits. Aside from this, a direct phone number is also supplied for each person.

With this, you can easily call other employees with only a few digits. This can be done regardless of their location, which means putting three digits can be used to contact a person abroad.

Having fewer numbers to input makes it easier to transfer calls. With a shorter number, transferring calls will be faster. You can also tell the receiving end about transferring calls before doing so.

With all of these, you can easily transfer calls within the company. This is regardless of the location of your coworkers. This is especially a benefit for companies with workers based in their homes as they can act as if they are in one location, thus reducing the hassle for their customers.

Mobile integration

The extension of the number also works for any device compatible with the 8x8 system. This allows you to be called even while outside your office as long as you have your phone with you along with connection to the Internet.

You can use an IP phone that is connected online to receive calls from the extension number.

You can forward the calls made to your extension number to another device. You can input this to multiple devices such as an IP phone, a cell phone, or an iPad. This can be transferred in order of priority in case one isn’t answered.

The Virtual Office Online can also make and receive the calls from the extension number. You can also use it to work in tandem with another phone.

You can also make the extension number connect to devices such as an Android phone, an iPad, or an iPhone. You will only need to download the Virtual Office Mobile application in the Play Store or Apple App Store. The devices only need to be connected to the internet to make or receive calls. We did a review of the best voip providers to use in your house and found that 8x8 was one of the best we looked at.