What is Extended BMW Warranty?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated April 14, 2020

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A BMW is usually best for those looking for an expensive and high-end car. With its price, its parts and its design are definitely of top-notch quality. However, with the high amount of maintenance and high price for parts, having repairs for the luxury brand is more expensive compared to others. An engine replacement for a BMW can reach up to $9,000, with other repair services like engine repair, transmission replacement, and others being close to this price too.

Extended BMW warranty is advised for the owners of the brand as it offers more confidence that you will be able to cover for the costs of any mechanical breakdowns. It is also best used by those whose BMV issued warranties are coming to an end.

What are the common issues for BMWs?

The most common issues for BMWs rotate around the I-Drive System and the SMG Transmission.

The I-Drive is responsible for adaptive settings, radio, and climate control. While it is highly-convenient and efficient, it is also quite complicated and prone to having issues. Just like a computer, it requires knowledge for someone to be able to manoeuvre around the system and to be able to fix any issue related to it.

The SMG or the Sequential Manual Gearbox of BMWs offer a great experience for manual cars, allowing its users to shift through up to 7 gears. It also gives users the choice to give the car an automated clutch. The replacement of a clutch can be quite costly, though.

Aside from these common issues, there are also factors that will instantly be not covered in the case of the expiration of your warranty that is often costly. This includes:

  1. Suspension problems are quite a common issue with BMWs. This is because of the brilliant suspensions, Thrust Rod bushings, power steering hoses, and others are often failing when used for a long time.
  2. Cooling systems are also a problem. BMWs uses 6-cylinder models that have a WEKAsystem that is prone to problems. These cases are usually seen during the use of the car for 40,000 miles. The parts that are often said to have a problem include the water pump, overflow bottle, and radiation.

Why should you avail for an extended car warranty for a BMW?

Having an extended warranty will definitely make you feel more at ease whenever using the car as any future breakdown will be insured. Aside from this, having a third-party service plan to supply for your warranty is more affordable in comparison to purchasing one from the manufacturer. Knowing the brand and its expensive prices, their warranty is definitely not far off.

Aside from this, extended car warranties can be used for both new and used vehicles. They can also go for 100 or 100,000 miles of coverage.

The only problems that you may encounter are looking for a trustworthy extended car warranty service. To be able to find one, you must make sure that they have certain features like a money-back guarantee, a rental car reimbursement, emergency services, and a good customer service system.

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