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What is Axiom Platinum Warranty Coverage?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 27, 2021

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Extended car warranties are advised for people to ensure that they will have coverage and reimbursement even if their original car warranty has expired. This is purchased from a third-party company that is not affiliated with the manufacturer of their car. This allows them to have more variety in terms of the parts to be covered, the pricing for the contract, and the different features that you may get. It is very recommended for everyone to purchase this to lessen their headache in the future in case their car breaks down suddenly.

What/Who is Axiom?

Axiom is a popular extended service warranty service. Voted as the 2019 Gold Dealer’s Choice, they are recognized because of their innovative approach to the automotive industry especially in terms of finance and insurance. With them, users’ vehicles are given protection with reasonable prices, features, and more. They have available dealerships worldwide such as In Canada, US, and London. They offer their plans using the MOXA e-commerce platform which raises the convenience on the user’s parts. Their plans are flexible and compatible for many users.

Coverage options

The company offers up to three levels of protection depending on the exact coverage that you need. This includes the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans, with the last one being the best for overall protection. With them, users can have flexible payments that can be set either for a one-time or monthly payment that starts at $60 per month. This can also be set from 1 year up to 3 years of payment which makes it very convenient for many users. Their company is directly connected with all ASE-Certified repair shops which ensures that users can have their car repaired in many repair shops.

Platinum Warranty Coverage

As mentioned, the Platinum tier is the best choice for users looking for the most coverage for their company. With this, users will have protection for parts such as the transmission, cooling, engine, on-board modules, rear wheel driver, air conditioning, steering, electrical system, brakes, front suspension, and more. Being the most expensive plan, users are ensured that most of the parts of their car are covered. Also known as an exclusionary plan, only those that will not be given warranty are listed in its contract which means that everything else is. Because of this, it is also the most expensive plan which is why it is only recommended for those with the most budget. With the flexible payment plans of Axiom, users will find it easier to pay, though.

Additional features

To make the application worth it even if your car doesn’t suffer from a mechanical breakdown while on the road, you are given a lot of features.

First, users can have their emergency roadside assistance available 24/7 within the USA and Canada. This is allowed for emergencies such as being locked out of your car, having a flat tire, running out of gas, and more. They have a maximum cost limit of $150 for every incident. This is also limited for up to 3 incidents per year.

Aside from this, users are reimbursed for up to 4 days in case their vehicle is still being repaired and they need to purchase a rental car. The company offers up to $50 per day for this. Lastly, they provide travel breakdown that reimburses for up to 3 days for any lodging and food expenses that you will need. It is limited to $150 per day.

How hard is it to sign up for Axiom?

To sign up for the company, users simply need to consult online through the Moxa platform. Here, they can input their personal information. From here, the service will tell you about the specific plans that you are qualified for. Usually, newer vehicles are offered all of the plans while older ones have more limited options.


Axiom Platinum Warranty is on of the premier choices given by the company for extended car warranty. This gives reimbursement for almost all parts of the vehicle. It can be purchased via the Axiom platform. Overall we found that Axiom was a pretty good option for the best extended vehicle warranties right now.