What is autopom!?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated January 20, 2020

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Extended vehicle warranties such as autopom! are used by those who would like to have a longer warranty for their vehicles. In the case of a sudden mechanical breakdown, any expenses for repairing the vehicle will be covered by the service. The service of autopom! is best for those looking for an affordable and reliable service for future vehicle breakdowns.

Currently, the service has 21 different plans that differ in terms of covering the company, number of covered mileage, and price. Starting from 2009, autopom! is a reliable provider with licensed insurance agents that guide users through the process. They can cover vehicles from price range 0$ to $500 for both new and pre-owned vehicles.

What is an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan?

The service of autopom! is an example of a Vehicle Protection Plan. These are a type of breakdown insurance that guarantees coverage for sudden mechanical breakdowns. It is usually availed after a manufacturer’s warranty. The cost for the protection plan depends upon the coverage. For example, a user can ensure his/her car fully, partially, or only for specific parts.

What are the specific plans for autopom! Extended Car Warranty?

To ensure that a wide variety of users will benefit from their service, autopom! extended war carranty currently offers three different warranties along with 21 different plans. Their difference lies in their cost and coverage. These include:

  1. Exclusionary Warranty – This type of warranty is the closes one to a manufacturer’s. This is because it covers almost all of the parts of the car. When pursuing this contract, the only parts that will be stated in the paper will be the ones that are not covered. Everything else unmentioned will be included in case they are affected in a sudden mechanical breakdown. Because of its bigger coverage and its more generous allowance in mileage and time of use, it is the most expensive to pursue.
  2. Stated Component Warranty – This is next in terms of coverage for the vehicle. In this contract, all of the parts that will be covered by the extended warranty will be written on the paper. This means that everything else will not be covered. This is usually recommended for those who want to include accessories and other equipment aside from the main parts of the vehicle. This is also recommended for those with a little more budget.
  3. Powertrain Warranty – This is the most affordable warranty among the three. This is because only the major parts of the vehicle will be covered by the extended warranty. These include engine, transmission, and other major parts of the vehicle. This is recommended for those only interested in having coverage for the most important parts of their car.

Features of autopom! Extended Car Warranty

The service of autopom! has additional features to aid you throughout your extended warranty. This includes the following:

  • Repair coverage – Any repairs that will be made to your car in the case of a sudden mechanical breakdown will be covered by the service. This allows users to feel more at ease as future vehicle damages will be shouldered in terms of expenses.
  • Roadside assistance – The need for sudden assistance while on the road will be responded by the service of autopom! immediately. They are available for 24 hours. Emergencies such as towing, emergency fuel services, accidentally being locked out of your car, and other situations are covered.
  • Choice of the store for repairs – The service of autopom! allows you to choose your repair shopfor your car repairs. This means that any trusted stores or people can be consulted for your mechanical breakdown, giving you more freedom for your car repairs.
  • Rental Car Coverage – In the case of the mechanical breakdown of your car, you will be insured for the days when you will need to use a rental car service to continue your daily schedule. Depending on the coverage that you will pursue, you can avail for up to 5 days of reimbursed rental service.
  • Convenience for users – The service of autopom! emphasizes its goal of making customers feel more confident for future vehicle breakdowns. This is because they are given the choice for the specific car parts that they want to insure. Aside from this, emergency services are also covered by their service.
  • Other features – Aside from compensation for the mechanical breakdowns, you are also given Tire Protection, specific coverage for your tires. They also have a Trip Interruption Reimbursement and more plans for specific needs depending on your contract.