What does axiom platinum warranty cover?

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A vehicle breakdown of any kind would affect a lot of aspects of your life. Not only would you have to pay for the possibly high repair cost, your day to day activity would also be disturb because of the lack of vehicles, and maybe also loss of opportunity because you don't have any means of transportation. And that is assuming you're not suffering injury of any kind. 

To protect yourself from such a horrible eventuality, the manufacturers of your vehicle would offer a warranty for you. And during the course of the warranty, you will be financially covered for almost every type of breakdown. But what will happen when those warranty finally runs out?

In order to extend those protection, you need to sign up for something called an extended auto warranty service. And one of the best extended warranty companies that you could find right now is called Axiom. So what makes Axiom perfect for you? What kind of coverage can you expect from their platinum warranty? Read more to find out.

What is Axiom platinum warranty?

Axiom is a company that offers Vehicle Service Contracts (VCS), or also commonly known as extended auto warranty, for a wide variety of vehicles. Personal or commercial vehicles, new and old, luxury or previously-owned vehicles, all could sign up to Axiom. 

Of course, not all of them would be accepted. But for those who do, Axiom offers a customizable plan where you could choose the type of coverage and services based on your eligibility and what you want. And the platinum is their most extensive plan of them all. 

Axiom is a company that was founded in 2014 in Missouri. They strive to be a VCS company that differs from any other through their innovative business models and great use of digital technology. Axiom received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and always replied to any kind of questions and complaints from their customers. 

What is the coverage of Axiom platinum warranty?
  • Every essential component. Through Axiom's Limited Lifetime Warranty program called Revolution Drive, you will be able to receive protection for your vehicle's most essential components, such as the engine, the transmission, and the front and rear axle.  
  • Most electrical components. Unlike other companies that only cover the most important electrical components on most cars, Axiom goes above and beyond with their Revolution Electric Vehicle Service Contract by offering an overall protection of electric vehicles. 
  • Paint and fabric. Not only limited to the core parts of your vehicle, Axiom also offers protection to the interior and exterior part of your vehicle. With this product, you could receive various kinds of services that could help maintain the quality of the paint and fabric.
  • Paintless dent repair. This particular product offers repairs for dents and any other type of cosmetic damages suffered by any external parts of your vehicle that would affect its overall appearance. They will do a thorough repair while still leaving the paint intact. 
  • Payment promise. Other than the vehicle itself, Axiom also offers protection to the drivers. If you ever are in a position where you involuntarily lose your job and unable to make your car payment, then Axiom will cover up to four months worth of payment with up to $500 for each month.
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP). Continuing on the theme of protecting the drivers, in the event of you losing your vehicle due to an accident, Axiom will cover any amount left due to the difference between what you still owed to the leasing company and the total worth of your car according to the insurance company. 
What other benefits can you get from Axiom platinum warranty?
  • Roadside assistance. If your car ever breaks down while you are still on the road, or maybe you just need help with gas or changing your tire, then you can always contact Axiom's roadside assistance. This service is accessible 24/7 to every Axiom customer.
  • Key replacement. If you ever lose your key, or maybe it simply stopped working for some reason, Axiom could also help you deal with that predicament. They will help you with either finding the key, repairing the key, and also replacing it with a new key if need be.
  • Theft protection. Axiom would help protect your vehicle from theft through the traceable DNA stickers or warning decals. This method could help deter any potential threat of theft to your vehicle. Not only that, Axiom would also cover any cost related to the theft.
How to file a claim with Axiom

The procedure of making a claim with Axiom is quite straightforward. First, you will need to contact them in the case of breakdowns or accidents. After that, you will need to prepare the necessary documents. An Axiom employee would guide you through the whole process. If there's no additional problems found, Axiom will take care of the repair cost in one business day or two. 


If you own and regularly use your car, then you would need to protect both yourself and your vehicle with an extended auto warranty, also known as VCS. And one of the best VCS companies that you could find right now is Axiom. They have great reputation in the industry and they also have various products and services that you could customize based on your need and eligibility. You should give Axiom a try.