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What are the top extended auto warranty companies right now?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 12, 2021

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Extended auto warranties aren’t a necessity, but they sure do help a lot if you suffer from mechanical breakdowns. Although not technically a warranty because it comes from a third-party separate from the original manufacturer, it partially works the same by paying for the repairs that are needed when the parts of a car break down. The only difference is that the specific parts that are covered differ as some users may only purchase plans for the most basic parts while some may purchase plans that have bumper to bumper coverage. 

Companies which offer these plans usually have lots of these plans available to accommodate as many users as possible. A compromise must be met, though, which is why higher priced plans usually cover more of the vehicle while lower priced ones only cover the basics. 

Aside from the basic coverage, though, these plans are also recommended because of its additional services such as 24/7 available emergency services that may be needed in case you run out of gas in the middle of the road along with reimbursements for rental vehicles in case yours is being repaired. This makes it a good service to have to ensure that any headaches in the future will be prevented even for an additional price. Not to mention, most companies have flexible payment plans.

Our first choice – Autopom

Autopom is our top choice for extended auto warranty. Standing by its full name of Automotive Peace of Mind, the company continues to impress users because of their reliable features and plans. They currently have a score of A in Better Business Bureau which shows that they are willing to answer and respond quickly to customer questions and complaints. With them, users can have access to the plans even if they reside in Canada. They are known for having the largest mileage restriction which allows many customers to be approved for their plans. They are also known for having an easy contract signing process which makes it friendly for many users.

The service has multiple contract plans with third-party companies including Mercury, Royal Administration, and more. They have more than 15 plans which differ in terms of pricing and the specific coverage included which allows a lot of users to be protected. These are divided into the Exclusionary plan (bumper to bumper), High Level, Mid-level, and Powertrain plus. 

Aside from this, they also have a lot of benefits. First, users can choose whichever repair shop they prefer. Users are also reimbursed when they need to purchase a rental car. Next, their plans are affordable and can be paid liberally.

Our second choice – Toco Warranty Corporation

Toco Warranty has one of the most comprehensive plans. They offer these based on the colors of Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue. These are divided based on their coverage but even their most affordable plan is still good for most users. With them, users can also cancel their plan anytime for a cancellation fee which makes it convenient for many users. With them, users are given the benefit of having $50 of their deductible in case they have their cars repaired in one of Toco’s preferred shops. They are free to have it repaired anywhere, though.

They allow vehicles that are up to 20 years old and which have travelled 175,000 miles which is one of the best compared to other companies who usually have very strict limits. With them, users can have coverage for the Modern and Technology features which are unique to them. As with other companies, they also offer benefits such as rental car reimbursement, 24/7 roadside assistance, and the likes.

In terms of customer experience, we preferred Autopom’s services, though, which is why it is the highest in our list. When we did our in depth Toco car warranty review we were very impressed with them.

Our third choice – Endurance

Ranking third in our list is Endurance which has been around since 2006. They are based in Northbrook, Illinois. The company is known as one of the few who provide their contracts directly which means that they do not need a third-party company which lessens the hassle in creating the contracts. However, they currently have a low score of C+ from the Better Business Bureau which is quite lower compared to other companies. Even with this, they still have a good reputation among many online customer reviews.

They offer a total of 6 plans which is quite comprehensive in its coverage which makes its low number reasonable. First is the Supreme plan which is their equivalent of a bumper to bumper plan which only writes down the parts that are not included for the contract (such as high-tech items and LED bulbs). 

They also offer the Superior, Secure Plus, Secure, and Select Premier. The last one is their highest-priced one that is mostly offered for high-mileage vehicles. 

The final plan is the EnduranceAdvantage that gives coverage for maintaining the vehicle which is unique to their company. This allows you to be reimbursed for replacements of brake pads, oil changes, and the likes.

With them, users can extend their payment plan up to 24 monthly installments which is quite flexible. 

Final thoughts

In a world where nothing is certain it does add a big piece of mind to have the ability to extend your auto warranty. We have done a lot of research and ranked the top auto warranty providers on the market right now. If you are tired of wondering if your car will break down, or how big the bill would be we suggest taking a look at our preffered providers and see if they can help ease your worries.