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What are the best extended car warranty services for 2021?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 11, 2020

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If your original car insurance given by the manufacturer is expiring, you may be interested in purchasing an extended car warranty service. Although these are not legally required, these may help you in covering for the costs of repairs in case your vehicle experiences a mechanical breakdown not caused by an accident. These plans are flexible depending on the mileage of the car, its model, and its age. Most of the time, these plans are adjustable based on your budget. These are a lot of providers currently available in the market.


How should you choose a service?

Choosing the best service for you will depend on certain factors that you may prioritize. There are those who may want more affordable plans given that it is only an extension of their warranty. Some may prioritize the quality of the service which can be seen from the extent of their support and the ease of contacting them for reimbursement. Lastly, there are those who want the best set of features for their plans including the number of parts included in the coverage, the additional reimbursements for rental vehicles, and more.


Our first choice – Autopom! for overall quality

The best service for us is Autopom which is short for Automotive Peace of Mind. The service has one of the most flexible sets of features and pricing plans that we have seen from most. They are a popular choice for many because of their reliable insurance policies. Currently, they are rated with A+ in Better Business Bureau which goes to show how willing they are to communicate with customers and to resolve issues with their plans. The company is based in California. Their plans are administrated by third parties which include Mercury Insurance Group, UCC, and more. With them, users of varied budgets and preferences can get the best plan.

They have four groups of plans, each of which are adjusted based on the coverage and prices. The first plan is Powertrain Plus which gives coverage for the most important parts of the car. It is the plan that most users can get even with if their vehicle is older. The other plans include Mid-Level, High-Level, and Exclusionary. The last plan only includes the parts that it does not cover in the contract which means that most of the parts of the car are given insurance which makes it the most expensive but most reliable plan.

Autopom has a friendly paying policy that allows users to stretch out their payment for up to 24 months which is very helpful for many. Their company also allows users to fix their car with any shop that is licensed and located within USA or Canada. They also offer 24/7 emergency support in case you run out of gas in the middle of the road, if you need towing services, and more. Lastly, t

Our second choice – Toco Warranty Corp for Comprehensive Plans

Toco is another recommendable choice that stands out in our list because of its comprehensive plans that can accommodate a lot of customers. They are also rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Users will be pleased with them having no requirements for a down payment for any of their plans. They also allow you to cancel your plan anytime but with a cancellation fee. Their plans are divided into the Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue plans, with Blue having the most coverage. A unique part of their service is the incorporation of the technology package, electronic high-tech package, and more.

With them, users are rewarded $50 off the deductible in case you take your car to a repair shop that is preferred by Toco. Their plans come with roadside assistance available 24/7 along with reimbursement in case you would need a rental car and in case of trip interruption.

A downside to their service is that they do not give coverage for customers residing in Missouri, Alaska, and Washington which instantly makes this non-recommendable for them.

Our third choice – AA Auto Protection for Abundance of plans

Our third choice is the AA Auto Protection that has one of the most coverage plans with 20. This allows users to look for the best plan for them depending on their vehicle and their budget. With them, users are given the range from the most basic plan of the Premium Powertrain Coverage plan up to the most expensive and full coverage one which is American Auto Shield Diamond. They also allow their users to spread their payment for about to 24 months, making it easier to pay for their customers.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee which is easy to get. Aside from this, their services are easy to contact in case you need reimbursement. Their contract is also effective upon signing which lessens the hassle on your side. However, users should take note that they do not offer 24/7 support for their customers. Their customer support is reliable, though, offering very helpful advice upon being called. For repairs, customers will be asked for $100 deductible which is standard among most extended car warranty services.

Our fourth choice – Endurance for Good Customer Support

Endurance takes a high spot in our list because it has amazing customer support, a good set of features, and flexible payment plans. However, it has one of the fewest plans, with only three. The first plan is the secure plan which offers the least coverage but includes the most important ones such as the transmission, engine, and similar parts. The next one is the Superior Plan which serves as the mid-tier option. The most comprehensive plan is the Supreme plan which is the most expensive but is guaranteed to reimburse you for almost all parts.

With them, users can also have access to a period of up to 24 months for payment. They also offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase in case you are not satisfied with their service. It can also be transferred to a newer user in case you sell your vehicle. With them, users will have to wait 30 days or up to 1,000 miles of usage of their vehicles for the company to be ensured that you did not purchase the insurance because your vehicle is already damaged.

The best choice for you

In the end, the best choice will still depend upon your priorities in purchasing an extended car warranty. However, out all of this, Autopom is our best option. It is because it is an excellent choice in terms of the different plans it offers, their pricing plans, and their coverages. Aside from this, they also have a very reliable customer service.