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What are the benefits of autopom! vehicle protection service?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated March 19, 2020

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Your car deserves the best protection your wallet can afford. Whether you own a new vehicle that is still under manufacturer’s warranty or you drive a used car with quite some mileage on the meter, extended car warranty is a great way to stay prepared in case of a breakdown. Otherwise, you can find yourself in the situation where you have to come up with huge amounts of money all of a sudden, for costly repairs and other car related expenses.

Autopom! is one of the most popular names in the car insurance industry and one of the most reputable vehicle protection brokers. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, it is headquartered in California and it offers coverage for both new and used cars. Autopom comes from Automotive Peace of Mind.

Autopom! works with Royal Administration, Mercury Insurance Group, EFG Group and UCC (United Car Care). All these companies administrate the plans offered by autopom!.

Autopom! has a lot of levels and plans to choose from and a lot of them have nationwide coverage. Others only work in the mentioned states. In California, this company covers cars that are up to 10 years old and have up to 120,000 miles and in most of the other states, cars that are up to 15 years old and have up to 200,000 miles on the meter.

How do you get vehicle protection with autopom!?

The first thing you have to do in order to get coverage from autopom! is to contact them and talk to one of their vehicle protection specialists. That specialist will guide you and suggest you the best plan for your needs and will collaborate with you throughout the entire period of your contract. He is going to answer to any question you have and so on.

Autopom! comes with down payments that start from 5%, with the balance paid over 6 to 24 monthly payments.

Autopom! offers 4 levels of coverage, each with its own plans. In total, there are 20 plans to choose from. Not all of them cover all types of cars so that is why it is best to consult with one of their specialists, to find out which plans you are eligible for. As a side note, you should know that autopom! doesn’t cover certain car brands: Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover and Porsche.

What are the benefits of autopom!?

One of the biggest selling points of autopom! is the fact that it has an impressively comprehensive offer when it comes to vehicle protection plans. As we’ve already mentioned it, there are 20 plans to choose from, grouped in 4 levels: Powertrain Plus, Mid-Level, High-Level and Exclusionary, with the latter being the most complex and expensive level. The Exclusionary level is the closest one to your manufacturer’s warranty.

At the other end, the Powertrain Plus level is the most affordable one and covers only the essential systems of your car: engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, differential assembly. However, some of the plans in this level add some extra components in the electrical, air conditioning and fuel systems.

Another great thing about autopom! is the fact that it offers 24/7 roadside assistance and rental vehicle assistance with all their plans.

All the plans come with autopom!’s 30-day money back guarantee, so in case you are not satisfied with their services, you get a full refund.

Autopom! gives you freedom to choose the repair shop you want, in case your car breaks down during your contract with them. Unlike with other companies, with autopom! you can choose where you want to take your car to get repaired. The only requirements are for the shop to be licensed and to be located anywhere within the United States or Canada. We have ranked it above some of the biggest names such as USAA  and others. This is due to the combination of the quality of service, various packages, and all around great experiance we have had when looking at different providers. AutoPom! was head and shoulders above the competition.