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Extended car warranty services give reimbursement for users who needs payment for repairs of their car’s mechanical breakdown. Separate from an actual insurance, the service acts as an extension of the original car manufacturer’s warranty. While not legally required, the service is recommended for many for them to have emergency funds in case they need a repair. Aside from this, the service also comes with a lot of benefits such as a 24/7 emergency services that can help you with your towing needs, rental vehicle payments, and more.


What is USAA?

USAA or United Services Automobile Associate is a financial services group that is based in San Antonio. Found in 1922, the service continues to offer different insurance and loans to eligible members which are mainly comprised of active or retired members of the Armed Forces. Because of their unique target members, their plans are mainly catered towards them. For example, they offer unique benefits for those who will be actively deployed. USAA is a popular choice for many because of their affordable plans and their reliable services. Aside from extended car warranty, they also offer auto loans and other insurances.


Starting your plan

With USAA, users simply need to visit their website where they will enter their vehicle information. From this, a list of all the available plans for your vehicle will be displayed including a one-time payment rate or a four monthly payment rate. USAA’s plans are quite straightforward.

After this, users can set their payment plans and finalize their plans.

Available plans

Their first plan is the Comprehensive Protection which is given as protection for the drive axle, engine, and transmission along with the majority of the car. With the contract, the only parts of the car that is not covered are those that are listed which means most of the parts will be included. This is the most recommended plan as it can accommodate vehicles that are not older than 10 years old and have not travelled for more than 115,000 miles.

The next plan is the Manufacturer Wrap Plan which aims to provide a plan that is closer to your original car warranty. This plan is given for those whose original warranty only has 1,000 miles or 30 days left. As the name implies, the coverage of the plan includes those given by the original car manufacturer.

Both of these plans are similar to the bumper-to-bumper plans of other services because of its maximum coverage.

As we can see from their plans, USAA prefers giving full coverage for their user’s vehicles. While this may be good news for those who have only recently bought their vehicles, this might make it harder for those with older vehicles to get a deal from them. This may also be bad for those who want to pay less but with less coverage.

Their plans can be extended for up to 18 months. This also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This makes it easier to start a plan with them.


Additional benefits of USAA

What makes the service standout is the benefits that they provide their users.

First, given that they primarily cater to members of the Armed Forces, they allow users to extend their plans in case they will be deployed to serve. This can be for up to 15 months. Upon return, they are also given money for oil changes. This is a unique benefit for USAA.

Aside from this, they also give reimbursements to their users who will need a rental vehicle while theirs is being repaired. What makes it more standout is the fact that users can have unlimited days for this. For other services, there is a limit of only 5 days up to 2 weeks which may not be enough for some.

As with other services, they also offer a 24-hour available roadside assistance for any emergencies on the road such as the need for a tire, fuel, and more.


Are they recommended?

USAA is a very recommendable service because of their standout features along with their reliable services. Their plans, although limited, gives maximum coverage for qualified customers. Their contract extension for those who will be actively deployed makes them the best choice for members of the Armed Forces. Lastly, their plans are also affordable and flexible.

Do they still offer their services?

Unfortunately, as of 2018, they have stopped offering extended car warranty services. When contacted, they didn’t say any specific reason. They did state, though, that they will be honoring any contracts that were made before their cancellation. However, the company still offers their other services such as car insurance, loans, and more. They have no newer news about reviving any of its plans so far which is why it is safe to assume that they are still not available this 2020.

Other options for extended auto insurance

Here in Best Review Guide, our best option is autopom! which is recommended over-all because of the abundance and flexibility. With them, users are given abundant plans that can match any vehicle or budget needs. They also have a very reliable customer service that makes it easier to file your claims.



USAA Extended Car Warranty is the best choice for active members of the Armed Forces and members of the organization because of the flexibility of its contracts along with the benefits they provide. With them, users can have access to the manufacturer wrap and comprehensive plans, both of which give good coverage for your vehicles. They also have a unique feature which allows those who will be actively deployed to extend their contract.


  •  Can extend the contracts for Armed Forces members who will be deployed
  •  Offers very comprehensive plans
  •  Can extend payment for up to 18 months
  •  Offers unlimited days of rental car reimbursement


  •  Plans may only be available to a few users because of the need for USAA membership and car mileage requirements