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An in-depth review of Autopom! Extended Vehicle Warranty - Coverage, Pricing, and more

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated April 29, 2020

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Extended vehicle warranties are important for anyone who has purchased a new vehicle. Although it is named a warranty, a more accurate term for it is an extended vehicle contract. This is because it is not included in the original manufacturer’s package. You can buy it from a third-party.

Is it necessary?

Extended vehicle warranties are not necessary. However, they can be extremely helpful to you. This is because it will compensate for any mechanical breakdowns that your vehicle may suddenly suffer from. This prevents you from having to pay suddenly for repairs, especially if you have not allotted a budget for that.

Aside from this, extended vehicle warranties also have a lot of different benefits depending on the contract.

Autopom! Extended Vehicle Warranty

Autopom! is an extended vehicle warranty service that is known for its affordable pricing and the benefits they offer. They are positively rated by customers and have an “A+” rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau) which is given to those with outstanding customer service. They are based in California.


Autopom! offers four different plan levels, each of them with different contracts that have its own specifics.

These plan levels differ in terms of the parts of the vehicle included for compensation. Their plans include the following:

  1. Powertrain-Plus- These are the plans that covers only the essential parts of the computer. This includes the Drive axle, Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, Air Conditioning, Differential Assembly, and Basic Electrical Components. This plan is the most affordable. This plan is most recommended for those who own vehicles that are not eligible for the higher plans. They offer five plans for this.
  2. Mid-level plans – These are the plans that have additional parts not included in the Powertrain-Plus plans. These include Steering, Braking. Some specific plans may also include more parts. These are a great option in case the mentioned parts are important for you. They offer three plans for this.
  3. High-level plans – These plans include those parts that are in the Powertrain-Plus and Mid-level plans along with fuel systems, seals and gaskets, and cooling. These are recommended for those who own vehicles that are not qualified for exclusionary plans. They offer five plans for this.
  4. Exclusionary plans – These are the best contracts that they can offer. This is because it covers almost all the parts from bumper to bumper. The only parts that will not be included are those that are not included (hence, the name ‘exclusionary’). These are the closest warranties to that of a manufacturer which makes it have a stricter guideline. They offer six plans for this.

The specific prices for each of their contracts are written in their website.


Autopom! is one of the best extended vehicle warranty services. The following are the benefits of purchasing a contract from them:

  • Simple and fast quoting process – Their representatives are very easy to have transactions with. They are not pushy with their plans. They are very knowledgeable about the different contracts that they offer. They also give you enough time to properly choose from your options.
  • Roadside assistance - All their plans give you access to roadside assistance available 24/7. In case your vehicle will experience a breakdown while in the middle of the road, you will be ensured that assistance will be given to you.
  • Affordable and flexible payment plans – Their contracts are very flexible for any type of budget. Even if you would like to have full coverage, their plans are still affordable. The abundance of contracts they offer allows this.
  • Good customer service – They are one of the best-reviewed extended vehicle warranty services. In fact, they were given an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau which ensures quality customer service. They are also very responsive during emergencies.


The only cons for Autopom! are their selective contracts and their pricey down payment.

Because they will compensate for any mechanical breakdown if it is within coverage, you may expect them to prefer cars in good condition.

However, even if your vehicle has been used for some time, you may still find it qualified for the mid-level or Powertrain plus plans. This is because these plans are designed for vehicles with high mileage or for those with older models.