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Top Rated Extended Auto Warranty Companies

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 4, 2021

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Cars are a big investment for everyday convenience and transportation. Because of this, maximum protection must be given to it to ensure that we will always have it available. One of the best ways to do this is to get an extended auto warranty. These are plans that can be used to extend the original manufacturer warranty, only that it comes from a third-party company. Because of this, the exact coverage, pricing, and mileage requirements may be different. While this may seem confusing, it can actually be better to ensure that different users can find a plan perfectly made for them. Among the different factors you should consider is to look for a top rated extended auto warranty company. This is to ensure that you will be purchasing the best plan that is suited for your budget needs, car’s needs, and more.


What to look for in an extended auto warranty provider?

The top rated extended auto warranty companies all have something common between them that makes us put them high in our list. First, this can be seen with the different coverages they offer. A good company must have comprehensive plans along with choices for those who only want coverage for the most basic parts. Next, we also make sure that the company has good customer reviews. This can mostly be seen with fast response to inquiries, a smooth registration process, and a quick claims process. A good company also has plans that are affordable and can be paid in flexible terms. Lastly, the different features they provide for the users is also important. 


1st place - AutoPOM!

Autopom is our choice for the top extended auto warranty company. Based in California, they offer more than 20 plans that have coverages including Powertrain up to bumper-to-bumper. Their plans are offered in coordination with third-party companies such as Royal and Mercury. They are known for their very smooth transaction process which includes registration, choosing a contract, and filing claims. The different features that they provide customers are also reliable given their 24/7 available emergency service (for running out of gas, needing tows, etc), rental car reimbursements, and more. Their plans are also available for both the USA and Canada which makes it available for more people.

With them, users can have their car repaired in any accredited repair shop which makes it very convenient. Users can also avail for a money-back within 30 days of signing in case they are not satisfied with the company. In our overall review we found that AutoPOM! was the best option for almost everyone, as long as there is coverage in your area.

2nd Place - Toco Warranty

Toco Warranty is more streamlined compared to other companies which makes it a good option for those who don't want to be confused with a lot of available plans. In fact, they only offer three, namely the: Blue, Yellow, and Orange plan, all of which is offered on vehicles depending on their model, mileage, and the coverage that it needs. They have a unique package protection plan named Modern Features, Electronic High Tech, and Technology package which gives more protection for users. They also offer a unique plan for those in California named the Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

With the company, users can have a flexible payment schedule. They can also apply for the service without paying a down payment which makes it very convenient. With them, users can also avail of the 24-hour available roadside assistance, reimbursement for trip interruptions and rental cars, and discounts for hotels and motels in case they get stuck in the middle of the road. 

Third Place - AA Warranty

AA Auto Warranty is another company that offers more than 20 available contract plans that differ in terms of coverage, pricing, and third-party company which manages them. Their most basic plan is the Premium Powertrain which gives coverage to only the most important parts such as the axle, engine, and more. Their most expensive one is the American Auto Shield Diamond which gives coverage for almost every part of the car. Their plans can be extended up to six years or 100,000 miles. However, they do not give coverage in Canada and Mexico. Their plans can be paid for up to two years which makes it good for many who are on a tight budget.