Top 5 Extended Auto Insurance Services

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated June 2, 2020

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Extended auto insurance services are important for those looking to ensuring their vehicles for any future mechanical breakdowns. Aside from being more confident whenever on the road, it also gives them features like emergency services, customer support, and more.

Extended auto insurances offer different types of contracts that differ in terms of part coverage, mileage, and cost. Usually, companies offer a wide range of plans in collaboration with other insurance services to give customers more options.

Top 10 Extended Auto Insurance Services

  1.    autopom! Extended Warrantyautopom! Extended Warranty’s best selling point is their abundant number of plans which can accommodate customers of different budgets, expected coverage, and expected mileage. This, partnered with additional features like emergency services, money-back guarantee, and their rental car reimbursement makes them the best out of the services. They are also known for allowing their users to be able to choose the repair shop of their choice. Their plans are also divided depending on the amount of coverage in the car that will be covered by the plan.
  2.    Carchex– Carchex is a brand that should be prioritized by those looking for more mileage coverage as they offer to vehicles with less than 250,000 and younger than 27 years old. They offer good value even with high-mileage even with the risk of breakdowns with their numbers. They also offer up to 18 contracts which are divided into five different categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. These plans are different in terms of car part coverage, mileage, and cost.
  3.    EnduranceEndurance is a good service for those looking for a direct provider. Instead of having to face a different company in the case of approving and administering the claims for a damaged vehicle, you will instantly be directed towards Endurance. Compared to other services which serve mostly as a service for vehicle service, they are the most direct. However, this makes them much stricter in terms of car limitations as they want to have less risk with their clients. They are also more expensive compared to other brands like autopom! and Carchex. They only offer four contract options which are more comprehensive in what is covered. This is a lot fewer than the number of options with other services, though. They offer reimbursement fee for rental car services that you will avail while your car is being fixed but at a low rate of $30 daily only.
  4.    CarShield– CarShield is the best service for those looking for the most variety in terms of the contract. As many customers need to decide on different factors such as cost, amount of coverage, and mileage, having a lot more options give them more freedom in choosing for the best. Their plans range from powertrain coverage up to bumper-to-bumper coverage. It also sells motorcycle coverage. Most customers complain about the aggressive approach of their marketing, though, as asking for a quote with their service makes their salesperson more aggressive in terms of promotion which other services try to avoid.
  5.    AAAutoProtection – They are known for having one of the lowest down payments which can make it a good option for those who would like to avail an extended warranty for a relatively new car. Their quoting process is also fast and comfortable for users, with their salesperson gentle in terms of marketing their plans. They have an average amount of contracts, with 17. They offer the lowest mileage restrictions.