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Is USAA still offering extended auto warranty?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 7, 2021

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The United Services Automobile Association or USAA extended auto warranty is one of the most trusted brands in the US. It is part of the Fortune 500 companies and was founded in 1922. It is based in San Antonio.

What makes them distinct from most companies is that they primarily serve the families and the individuals themselves who are part of the United States Armed Forces. Because of this, they have more than 10 million customers who have access to their various financial services such as investments, banking, and insurance.

What is extended auto warranty?

An extended car warranty is a contract which you purchase to gain reimbursement in case your car suffers from a mechanical breakdown. It is separate from the original warranty provided by the manufacturer hence its name. This service has more flexibility in terms of payment and exact coverage, with some only paying for damage to the most important parts while some providing reimbursement for damage to all parts of the car.


Does USAA still offer extended car warranty?

Unfortunately, USAA stopped offering this service starting from 2018. They have officially removed it from their website and have also stopped offering contracts for this. They would only honor contracts which had been made before its discontinuation. The exact reason for this was not cited. There are also currently no announced plans to continue this.

Back when it was offered, customers could get protection for up to 50,000 miles of travel. Here, they will be given reimbursement for damaged parts which are included in their contract.

Aside from this they have a reimbursement benefit which pays for your rental car while your car is being fixed. What makes it stand out from other companies is that they provide $50 every day without limit. This is in contrast with most companies which limit to only a week at most.

Given that active military members are their primary customers, they used to offer an extension for the warranty in case they will be deployed. They will also be given a free oil change amounting up to $45.

How to look for an extended warranty service

In case you are interested in using USAA’s services, the image of the company, its affordability, and its features must be a priority for you. To look for a company which offers this, a quick scan of their rating in the Better Business Bureau can give you an idea about what their customers think of their service.

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USAA does not offer extended warranty services anymore. They have officially discontinued it in 2018. However, there are still a lot of companies available which offer similar or even better plans in terms of features, pricing, and benefits. Simply browse through websites to see if their plans match your budget and vehicle.