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Best extended car warranty for the year 2020

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated March 25, 2021

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Modern times require all of us to be mobile more than ever. Many people are on the road all the time because of their work requirements. Often they have to drive many miles from point A to point B in a very short time. There are many unexpected circumstances that are likely to happen on the road and every driver needs to know that he is protected no matter where the road takes him. At the same time, we also want to be sure that our beloved ones are also protected during the ride. An extended car warranty is the best road assistance and protection service that can be purchased after the manufacturer’s car warranty expires. The manufacturer’s car warranty can last just a couple of years. After this short period of time, you really need to think about another car warranty solution. Sometimes it’s not easy to choose the best option for your car, model, mileage, current residence, and so on. That’s why we decided to introduce you to the two best-extended car warranty companies in 2020 and their features.

Autopom! Review

Their story began in 2010 and since then their offer is one of the most comprehensive on the market. This company is A+ BBB rated, which means that they have a great and transparent policy, customer support and reliable warranty plans for your vehicle. Their extended car warranty covers the US and Canada. Each of their comprehensive plans comes with several different memberships, so you can choose what is most convenient for you. Their main four plans are:

  1. Exclusionary plans
  2. High-level plans
  3. Mid-level plans
  4. Powertrain Plus plans

Exclusionary plans are divided into 6 different coverage options:

EFG Ultimate is for the maximum term of 7 years and 150.000 mileages covering most states nationwide.

Mercury Ultimate covers the period of the maximum 7 years with a 105.000 mileage in most states nationwide.

Royal Ultimate is also available for most states nationwide with a warranty period of 7 years and 100.000 miles.

Integrity Platinum is for 6 years and 125.000 miles and nationwide coverage.

Mercury Platinum MBI is only for Canadian residents, with a maximum term of 7 years and 100.000 mileages.

Royal Elite Plus MBI is similar to Integrity Platinum because it offers 6 years, but for cars under the 100.00 miles and it is only available in Canada.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) means a failure to a covered part due to:

  • A defect in the part
  • A defect in another covered part

It doesn’t cover the failure of a covered part caused by a part that is not covered.

Exclusionary plans are the most comprehensive plans offering repair for all mechanical and electrical components. On their official website they made a list with all the parts that are not covered with these plans, so you can easily manage the offer. The last two plans that cover repairs for Canada residents only have an option for Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) as well.  

High-level plans are the best replacement for Exclusionary plans when your vehicle isn’t suitable for that group. These plans are divided into 5 different categories and they cover major components repair: engine, transmission, drive axle, transfer case, fuel system, braking, seals and gaskets, plus electrical components and air conditioning. The included plans are:

Mercury Deluxe plan is the most comprehensive plan in this category. It covers all the above-mentioned components plus hybrid/electric named components and it is available most states nationwide.

Royal Premium plan covers all the basic components in this section and in the contract you can add primary add-ons for repairs, such as the engine, transmission, electrical/steering components, and air condition/brakes repair. Available most states nationwide.

EFG Deluxe plan includes major repair components listed above plus hybrid/electric named components. You might think that this plan is very similar to the Mercury Deluxe, but in this plan, there is a Vehicle Plan expiration which is measured in time or mileage from the purchase date and odometer mileage. The coverage takes effect after 30 days from the purchase date and 1,000 miles from the current odometer mileage. It is available in most states nationwide.

Mercury Gold MBI plan covers Mechanical Breakdown Insurance plus major system components, hardware, and audio center. It is available only in Canada.

Royal Premium MBI plan is also available only for Canadian residents, with a warranty for major components repair and in addition you also have a warranty for Global Positioning System.

Mid-level plans are divided into 3 different coverage options. Unlike the other listed plans, each and every coverage option offers few add-ons component repairs. These plans are a combination of Powertrain Plus plans with some additional options. The major system components covered by these plans are engine, transmission, drive axle, transfer case, basic electrical components plus air condition as well as braking and steering system. The 3 membership options are:

Royal Preferred plan with a validation period of 1 month and 1,000 miles, offers protection for all the above-mentioned components, with primary add-on options: engine/transmission components, electrical/steering components, and air conditioner-brakes components. This plan is available in most states nationwide.

Royal Standard MBI plan covers all major components repair, together with Mechanical Breakdown Insurance with additional coverage of front and rear suspension. In the contract, there is a list of all major, basic and additional named components that are included. This plan is available in Canada.

Mercury Silver MBI plan is the warranty for the major components with Suspension system (wheel bearings, rack assembly, control valve and cylinder, power cylinder assembly, power steering pump, etc.), cooling system (radiator fan motor, water pump, fan clutch and shroud, etc.) and fuel system (fuel tank and pump, accelerator pedal, fuel pressure regulator, etc.) as add-ons in the contract.

Powertrain Plus plans are the basic named components warranty. Unlike the Exclusionary plans that have a list of all components that are not covered (to help you understand its comprehensiveness), Powertrain Plus plans have a list with basic, named components included in their warranty policy. They cover the basic components such as: engine, transmission, drive axle, transfer case plus basic electrical repair and air conditioning. These plans have 5 different coverage options:

Royal Centennial plan is a warranty for all major components with an optional surcharge for seals and gaskets. In some other cases, these components are covered only if required in conjunction with a covered repair. It is available in most states nationwide.

EFG Powertrain Choice plan is very similar to Royal Centennial. The main difference is that the cooling system and fuel named components are covered beside the mayor components. It’s also available in most states nationwide.

Mercury Select plan is for all the vehicles not older than 14 years or newer with any mileage with an additional warranty for braking and cooling system named components. It can be purchased for most states nationwide.

Integrity Gold plan is administrated by Integrity Admin Group and in addition to major components warranty it offers add-ons for cooling and fuel named components. This plan is also available in most states nationwide.

Mercury Copper MBI plan is for Canadian residents only. Together with Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, it covers the major vehicle components, cooling, and braking system named components for vehicles that are 14 years old or newer with any mileage.

Autopom! extended car warranty, for new and used vehicles, is cost-effective with multiple option plans and memberships. Beside 4 different comprehensive plans, Autopom! has more great options for their customers:

  • You can choose your favorite repair facility. This is also cost-effective because in your repair facility they don’t have to replace the part with the manufacturer’s one which can be more expensive. Sometimes this is mandatory in order not to break the provided contract.
  • Rental vehicle reimbursement option when your car is kept in the repair facility a few days and you need to rent another vehicle. This reimbursement will not exceed $180 per repair for the entire period required to complete the repairs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with a full money refund
  • 24/7 roadside assistance for unexpected circumstances
  • Free quote on their official website

Another great company that offers extended car warranty is Toco Warranty Corporation. Because they are located in California, they offer additional options for California residents. Their pay-as-you-go policy with a monthly payment option is another modern feature not likely to see with other companies. Covering the vehicles from 2000 to 2016 or newer, in four different warranty plans, your safety will be guaranteed. In addition, no down payment option will cut down your costs. The waiting period for all 4 plans is 30 days from the purchase date and 1,000 miles in the odometer mileage from the purchase date in the contract.

The four different warranty plans are:

  1. Blue plan
  2. Green plan
  3. Yellow plan
  4. Orange plan

The Blue plan is also called the Listed-Part Coverage plan because it has the listed components that are not covered in this plan as well as the covered ones with explanations for different types of situations when damage occurs. The Blue plan covers the repair of the engine, transmission, front and rear drive axle, transfer case, turbo or supercharger, cooling, air conditioning, fuel system, electrical components, and seal and gaskets. This plan is for the vehicles from 2000 or newer, with mileage from 100k to 175k miles.

The Blue plan doesn’t cover many vehicle parts available on the contract, pre-existing conditions, failure to perform maintenance (in case of neglect, abuse or bad manufacturer’s repair and some more), non-working odometer, property damage, death or injury, and few more similar situations.

The Limits of liability in the Blue plan are covered with two options: the first one is for the cost of one-time repair and the second one is for all the repairs during the contract period which can’t exceed the limit of $15.000.

Important: the Blue plan maintenance requirements are: engine oil must be changed after 3 months or 3,000 miles for basic engine oils or after 6 months and 6,000 miles for synthetic engine oils in order for your claim to be considered.

The Green plan has wider coverage than the Blue plan. It guarantees the extended warranty for all the parts in the Blue plan and additional parts like brakes, audio, and steering plus taxes and fluids where possible. The Green plan is recommended for vehicles from 2011 or newer, with a  mileage from 60k-100k.

This plan doesn’t include some vehicle parts listed on their official website, pre-existing conditions from the purchase date, damage from other causes (neglect, abuse, road hazard, fire, etc.), non-working odometer, grey market titles vehicle, and other situations listed in the contract. It also offers two different types of payment: for one-time repair or overall limit costs during the contract period.

The Yellow plan is for the people who want to have some additional, modern components included in the warranty plan. This plan is the combination of the Blue and the Yellow plan covering additional components: electronic high-tech components, technology package, and modern features package. This plan is for vehicles from 2011 or newer, with an odometer mileage from 60k to 100k.

Electronic high-tech components are height sensor, suspension level control compressor, pneumatic suspension pump, and many more.

The Technology package is for the repair that won’t exceed the total amount of $3,000, and it includes the repair of radio/cassette and CD players, all touch screen and displays, voice receiving devices, and few more.

The modern features package covers many kinds of sensors (parking, trunk liftgate, blind spot), Bluetooth and a couple more.

The Yellow plan is for owners with modern and better-equipped cars with modern technology devices.

The Orange plan is the premium gold plan and the most comprehensive one. Unlike the above-listed plans, the Orange plan is not a listed-parts coverage plan, and it lists parts that are not covered in this warranty. This plan is for vehicles from 2016 or newer, with odometer mileage from 0k to 60k. If you want to have the best insight into the list of not covered parts, you should download it from their official website. Available languages are English and Spanish. Some of the main none covered parts are carburetor, spark plugs and brake pads, battery, airbags, and more.

When you purchase any of the mentioned Toco extended warranty plans, you can add a few more additional options that will save you money and give you comfort in any unexpected and unpleasant situations:

  • Trip interruption coverage for the hotel and motel reimbursement for 3 days and up to $300.
  • Rental car benefit with no deductibles.
  • Hotel and motel discounts with collaboration with for reservations and accommodation.

When choosing the right extended warranty for your vehicle it is very important to be introduced with lots of options, full road assistance, and nationwide coverage. We’ve listed some of the main features offered by two of the best companies on the market because their offer will cut down your costs, give you stability and safety while driving, and extend the functionality of your vehicle. Both of these companies have an A+ BBB rating, meaning that they are reputable companies with a strong and reliable background history with their customers. All you need to do is drive and enjoy the ride.