Axiom Auto Warranty Features

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Purchasing an extended car warranty is a very handy way to ensure that you will be compensated in case of mechanical breakdowns. Aside from the ease of mind that it can give you, it also gives a lot of benefits to you to make it a worthwhile purchase such as emergency services and rental car reimbursements. Since it is offered by a lot of companies, each with their own specific coverages and terms, it is better to analyze each brand depending on your specific needs. Axiom Auto Warranty is one of the most popular choices. Let us analyze the features that they offer to their users.

What is Axiom Auto warranty?

Axiom has a lot of features available in their website that have different purposes. Each of these are dedicated for different vehicles to allow a lot of users to have specific features for them. These range in terms of technological parts, car paint, external antimicrobial protection, and more. They can also accommodate vehicles ranging from RVs, luxury cars, and more. We have done a review on Axiom Auto warranty and found that they are a pretty good company to choose overall.

RV Services

First, they offer antimicrobial protection specifically for these vehicles which are expected to be outdoors for long times especially for camping and other outdoor trips. This will also be applied to the interior, cargo areas, A/C vents, and more. This is to ensure that any mildew, bacteria, fungi, and the likes will be removed from the vehicle. This can lessen the odor inside the vehicle and to have better paint quality.

Next, they also offer a specific extended service contract specifically for RVs which is a good feature that not many companies offer. This is to be purchased after the original warranty ends.

With them, you can also have access to Revolution Drive which offers lifetime warranty for this vehicle. Through this, you can have reimbursements for any sudden mechanical breakdowns of the most important components such as the transmission and engine.

They also have a Guaranteed Asset Protection specifically for RVs which reimburses you for the difference of the debt for the recreational vehicle and its actual purchase value in case it becomes lost because of either theft or being in an accident.

They also have specific coverage for the RV’s tire and wheel which might have been damaged by any road hazards. They have specific coverage for any tires that have become flat and also those which suffer from leaks. The coverage lasts for the lifetime of the wheels.

Tire protection

They have a specific protection for the tire called Monster Seal Tire Protection which gives compensation for those who damaged it because of product failure or because of hazards in the road. This is applicable for both on and off-road events which ensures that most users will be given appropriate reimbursements.

Other types of extended warranty

First, they have a revolution technology feature that is aimed towards the safety and technology components of the vehicle called Revolutionary Technology.

Next, they have the TrekShield Vehicle Service Contract that is specifically aimed towards non-franchise dealers who want to have good driver protection and for those who have high mileage vehicles which are usually given less useful plans in other companies (mainly because of its higher susceptibility to damage). With them, users can expect better rates for them to avoid paying for their bills directly out of their pockets.

They also have a Road Titan Subscription that differs in terms of its subscription process. Through here, users can avail of reimbursements for any mechanical breakdowns, emergency roadside assistance available 24/7, and more. This has three categories including the Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty that depends upon the Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings that classifies vehicles based on governmental protocols.

Additional features of Axiom

Axiom offers a lot of additional features to make purchasing contracts from them worthwhile. First, they have a payment promise which can give payment protection in case you are suddenly unemployed involuntarily. You will receive up to 4 payments of up to $500 for 4 months which is very handy for many.

Next, they have a Paintless Dent Repair that can be used to polish its exterior. This is by removing any dent and dings. This does not damage the paint on the surface which makes it recommendable.

With them, users can have prepaid maintenance which ensures that the vehicle will be kept at peak performance periodically to keep it compliant to mechanical breakdown warranty. For this, the battery, oil and filter, air, cabin, and more will be checked to ensure that it is still of good quality.

Final thoughts

In the end, they offer plenty of options to allow more users to be compatible with their brand. Although quite overwhelming, this is better to have the best type of protection for yourself. If you are looking for the best extended auto warranty providers we suggest you take a look at our list and see why we rank AutoPOM! as number one.