AutoPOM! Extended Car Warranty Review

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If you buy a brand new car from a dealership, you'd received a manufacturer warranty that would cover the repair cost of almost every component of your vehicle. But that warranty has a limitation. Depending on the manufacturer, you would either get a limit based on a certain number of years or based on a certain mileage. Sometimes you would even get both at the same time. 

When the warranty finally runs out, you have to take care of everything by yourself. Any breakdowns, wear and tear, parts of the vehicle that needs to be changed, and millions other things that could go wrong with a car are now your sole burden. Every hefty cost for inevitable repairs is now yours to fulfill.  

That is unless you decide to purchase an extended warranty that would cover the expenses for you, in exchange for some kind of recurring fees. There are many extended car warranties out there with all kinds of plans specifically tailored to suit your needs.   

But not all warranty companies are created equal. Some are simply better and more reliable than others. And that is certainly the case with AutoPom! extended car warranty that we will look at more deeply in this article.  

About AutoPom! Extended Car Warranty

Automotive Piece of Mind!, or better know as AutoPOM! is a car extended warranty company with the sole mission of giving its customers peace of mind when it comes to their vehicles. And that is precisely what they have been doing since their inception a decade ago. 

Founded by the current president and CEO Mike Jones in 2010, AutoPom! has slowly but surely getting into the pole position within the industry. Their hyper-focus on customer satisfaction has earned them a very good reputation amongst their customers which was proven by the A+ certification that they have received from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  

Mike Jones founded this company in Lake Forest, California, as Steele & Jones LLC and chose to do business using their most friendly and widely known name, AutoPOM! The company has always taken its relationship with its customer as their number one concern and every decision made in the company is geared towards those principles.  

One of their recent decision is to partner up with RepairPal, the owner of one of the largest network of vehicle repair shops in the US. With this new partnership, now AutoPOM! customers could bring their car to any of the more than 2600 certified repair facilities around the nation to receive the best services available.  

Features of AutoPOM! Extended Car Warranty
  • Affordable payment plans. AutoPom! has four levels of plans that involved everything from the full coverage that is just like the one offered by the manufacturer when you purchased the car to plans that only cover the most essential components to the vehicle. All of them are reasonably priced and most certainly affordable. Keep in mind that the eligibility for certain plans and coverage are varied based on the state that you lived in, your car's specs, and the mileage. 
  • Nationwide breakdown coverage. When you're vehicle inevitably breakdown, you can rest assured knowing that you have nation-wide coverage from AutoPom! As long as your vehicle is covered by the company, you can get repairs in any licensed repair facilities in the US and Canada.  
  • Choose your own repair shop. Continuing from the previous point, you could also bring your vehicle to any repair shop you want. Whether it's a big dealership repair shop, an official manufacturer repair facility, or even just your favorite mom-and-pop shop, AutoPOM! give you the freedom to choose your own repair shop. 
  • 30 or 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with AutoPOM!'s services or maybe you just want to have a trial period to get the feeling whether or not AutoPOM! is the right fit for you then rest assured because AutoPOM! offered a 30 or 60 day (depends on the plan that you purchased) money-back guaranteed. 
  • 24-hour roadside assistance. Whenever there's a problem with your car while you're in the middle of traveling, you could always call AutoPOM!'s toll-free 24-hour roadside assistance. Whether you need a tow or simply run out of gas, you could call them and they will come as fast as they could. 
Benefits of AutoPOM! Extended Car Warranty
  • Excellent customer services. AutoPOM! is taking pride in its excellent customer service. They will go above and beyond to help customers. This philosophy of customer-first is held not only by its employee but also by its founder and CEO, Mike Jones. I've come across multiple reviews online where AutoPOM! customers complain about something, and right below it you'll see replies from Mike Jones giving explanations and follow through to help the customers. They are the epitome of excellent customer services. 
  • Rental vehicle assistance. If your car breakdown while you're in the middle of traveling somewhere, AutoPOM! would offer rental vehicle assistance while your car is getting repaired. AutoPOM! offers this benefit in all of their plan but there are small variations based on your chosen plan. 
  • Trip interruption reimbursement. Just like the rental benefit, when you're car breakdown while you are away from home and has to stay overnight waiting for the repair, AutoPOM! would reimburse your meals and lodging expenses. Again, the terms and conditions will be varied depending on the plan that you chose, but all plans have this benefit. 
  • Tire protection. Last but not least, certain plans from AutoPOM! gives you protection against damage to your tires that could be caused by potholes, nails, and other kinds of hazards. 
Final thoughts of AutoPOM!

When you own a car, especially an aging car, you will be faced with a repair cost that varies wildly based on which part of the vehicle that is broken. It might be some little things like a puncture to your tire or some costly repair like transmission damage. The point is you need protection against this type of unforeseeable expenses. 

AutoPOM! is an extended car warranty that would offer you the most comprehensive features and the best customer services at an affordable price. All you need to do is simply give them a call and they would do all they can to give you automotive peace of mind. In all of our research we have found that AutoPOM! reviews are always the same, and that is that they are great! This is why we list them as our top auto warranty extending companies ever!