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Keen vs Kasamba: Which is the better psychic reading service?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated June 2, 2020

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Nowadays, psychic reading services are still in the market. Those who may seek guidance in aspects of their lives, from love, family, career, and others may go to these services. Keen and Kasamba are both well-known ones that have been around since 1999, adding further credibility to them.


Keen is a reputable psychic service that is best known to be one of the largest among its peers. They offer a wide range of services including tarot reading, divinations, and the likes.

Their process for customers is relatively easy. First, you will just need to register an account on their website. There is no need to put your contact information as they will only ask for your e-mail address. This is a good feature for those who are reluctant to trusting the website instantly.

Keen is usable for both computers and mobile phones. This convenience may make it a must-buy for some, especially for those who are always busy. The price range of their services range from $1.99 up to $29.99 for every minute of your consultation. The price range will depend upon the reader’s credibility and experience.

If you feel dissatisfied with their services, you are given free credit in their system which you can use for another reading. They offer refunds of up to 25$ under their own procedures.

Keen is best for those looking for an experienced service and convenience in use. The first three minutes of consultation are also free, which may be an encouragement for most. The downsides to it is its user interface which is a bit outdated and its bad screening process for psychics. The latter may be a deal breaker for some. This is because it is easy to set up a psychic account for the website, meaning that the quality of their readings may not be consistent. Bad ones shouldn’t last, though, as scathing user reviews may make them be removed early.  


Kasamba has also been around since 1999. They are operated by LivePerson which is a reputable company on its own.

Kasamba is known for having an extensive amount of readers. Some of them also have widely-known reputations, being present in other forms of media. This credibility makes them a good choice for those looking for more quality in terms of reading.

Their prices are a bit more affordable in comparison to Keen, with their starting price being $1.69 per minute up to $25.50 minute. This will depend upon the reader’s credibility and ratings.

In terms of readers’ screening, Kasamba is also known to accept readers easily meaning that the quality of readings may not always be certified. This is why the company encourages customers to leave reviews as to see the quality of the readers.

Setting up an account for their services is easy. You can use your e-mail or your Facebook account. This convenience is also extended through their transaction methods which include Paypal and credit card.

Keen vs Kasamba

In terms of quality and credibility, the two seems to be in a tie. Both started in 1999. Both also have a slightly concerning ease of adding readers which may worry some who may want to get the best quality.

In terms of account set-up, Kasamba one-ups Keen from its Facebook account-linking. This might be their way of reaching out to newer generations which may be interested in their services.